Burna Boy Part Ways With Aristokrat Records


Few days ago, the news broke that Burna Boy and His
manager (which happens to be his mother) parted ways. It
was also rumoured that he left his record label, Aristokrat
Our sources confirmed that, afro-fusion sensation, Burna
Boy has left the record label, without stating if his contract
expired or not.
The record label has deleted everything about Burna Boy on
its social media – @AR_Records.
Burna Boy’s lifestyle and his mother’s deep involvement in
his career caused the split.
Burna Boy signed with Aristokrat records in July 2011,
released two mixtapes ‘Burn Notice’ and ‘Burn Identity’ in
April and November 2011 respectively.
Ozone, Mojeed, Leriq, Kamar, & Pucado are Aristokrat
Record budding talents.

“Many False Prophets Are On Their Way To Nigeria” – Gospel Singer Nosa Reveals


Singer Nosa believes that the future of Christianity will be tough in
Nigeria because of the rampant emergence of false prophets.
In recent time, Nigeria has had an increased activity of rogue
preachers, involved in a number of dastardly activities, ranging
from kidnapping, murders, occultic manipulations, and
misappropriation of funds.
Of of these have led to a growing concern among the Christian
faithful in the country, with many hoping and
praying for better days. But Nosa says the good days will never
come and we only have to point to the Bible to confirm this.
He told Pulse TV: “When people criticize Christianity because some
pastor did something, it’s funny. Because if they read the Bible,
they’ll see that Jesus said something like this will happen. He said
‘beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, false prophets will come,
many will come in my name, and by their fruits you shall know
“He also said not all those who say ‘Lord lord, will enter into my
Kingdom. Many will come saying we did signs in your
name, and he’ll tell them I never knew you.
So when these things happen, they don’t take me by surprise,
because first of all, we’re human beings, and Jesus said ‘it’s not
what goes into a man that corrupts a man, but what comes out of
the man, and he said, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth
speaks.” He added.
Nosa who is currently on a bright patch in his career, due to the
success of of ‘Open Doors’ album, which was released
earlier in 2014, further points to the bible for reason, revealing
deep-sitted truths in the life of Christ and correlating it to current
“Christianity is like planting a seed, and there are many factors that
affect the seed growing, whether the seed will grow well or not.
There are some people who have not embraced this message but
claim it outwardly, and he had a
problem with the Pharisees when he was on earth.
He had a problem with those who said that they were religious, but
they were not doing what the religion was really talking about.
It’s not a surprise to me, and it is a sign of the end times, so
there’s going to be much more. And then, plenty fake products only
point to the fact that there is an original, that’s just it.” He

Rich Homie Quan I Didn’t Hit A Fan I Bitch Slapped A Thief!


Rich Homie Quan wasn’t lashing out at a fan when he smacked a
guy at a concert earlier this month … he was dishing out justice to
a dude he says was TRYING TO ROB HIM.As we reported … Quan
was performing on stage in Racine, Wisconsin July 4 when
someone in the crowd grabbed his arm. It appeared the man was
trying to pull himself on stage.But a rep for Quan tells TMZ … the
guy wasn’t trying to steal the limelight … he was trying to steal
Quan’s watch … right off his wrist. And that’s why the rapper
knocked him upside the head.Quan himself tells us: “The person
that tried to rob me was not one of my fans. My fans are loyal to
me. I did what anyone else would do if they were being robbed.”

Crew Member Of Crashed Airforce Helicopter Found Alive


A crew member who was declared missing and believed to have
died after the crash of the Nigerian Air Force Mi- 35 Helicopter on
Wednesday in Borno has made his way back to the Defence
Headquarters in Abuja.
According to a statement by the Defence Headquarters, the crew
member resurfaced at the military Headquarters in Maiduguri on
Wednesday having trekked through the bushes after the crash.
“The Engineer crew member of the crashed Nigerian Air Force Mi-
35 Helicopter earlier declared missing has been found alive.
The crew member who was declared missing when his body could
not be located in the vicinity of the crash resurfaced at the military
Headquarters in Maiduguri today (Wednesday ), having trekked
through the bushes after the crash, ” Defense Headquarters said.
The statement also disclosed the identity of the crew as Flight
Lieutenant NM Halilu , Co- Pilot and Warrant Officer
Augustine Nwanonenyi.
It added that the aircraft technician survived the crash and Flight
Lieutenant Onyeka Nwakile was the only one lost in
the crash.
The statement further said the family of the officer has been duly
informed while the two survivors are in stable condition
but receiving medical attention.
Defence Headquarters said search and rescue operation on the
incident had been concluded while investigations into the crash

NFF President Aminu Maigari Finally Impeached


The president of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Aminu
Maigari, has been impeached on grounds of financial
misappropriation, misapplication and
maladministration at a meeting of the Executive Committee held on
Thursday in Abuja.
In a communique signed by NFF board member Muazu Suleyman,
and forwarded to News24 Nigeria by media officer Ademola Olajire,
the meeting reviewed situation after the vacation of Court
Injunction as well as the resultant lifting of suspension by FIFA.
“After thorough and exhaustive deliberations on the uncalled for
secrecy surrounding all financial dealings of the Federation and
failure to call meeting of the Executive Committee for the past eight
(8) months, during which so many weighty decisions on Nigeria
football had been taken by a small cabal within the Board, the
Executive Committee passed a vote of no confidence on the NFF
Aminu Maigari.” The communique reads.
“In view of the above, the Committee approved the immediate
dismissal of Aminu Maigari, from the NFF Executive
Committee on grounds of financial misappropriation,
misapplication and maladministration.”
“The Committee resolved to mandate the 1st Vice President, Mike
Okeke Umeh as Acting President, to preside over the
affairs of the Federation, pending the composition of the new NFF
Executive Committee after the elections of Tuesday, 26th August,
Administration of the NFF has been plagued with crises since the
Super Eagles crashed out of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Algerian Plane With 116 On Board Disappears From Radar


Another day, another air disaster. This is beginning to get scary.
An Air Algerie flight flying from Burkina Faso to Algeria with 116
people on board has dropped off radar.
Swift Air, the operators of the aircraft, say they lost contact with the
flight 50 minutes after it took off this morning from Ouagadougou,
Burkina Faso. It was
supposed to have arrived at Algiers’ Houari Boumediene Airport
about four hours later but the plane has just
“We have lost contact with the plane. At this moment, emergency
services and our staff are working on finding out more on this
situation.” Swiftair said.
The plane, an MD-83, has 110 passengers on-board with 2 pilots
and four crew members. Air Algerie is Algeria’s national airline.
UPDATE: The plane crashed in Niger…….
It’s been confirmed that the plane crashed near the capital of Niger,
Niamey. Flight AH5017 was reported to
be flying through an area affected by
violent storms.

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