Ebola Scare In Lagos As Passenger Dies Inside Luxurious Bus


The unidentified man had boarded a bus bound for the North when he suddenly slumped and died


The scene of the pandemonium

The victim
The Oyingbo park in the Jibowu area of Lagos was the scene of pandemonium yesterday, August 31, 2014 as a passenger on board a luxurious bus reportedly slumped and died.

A witness told Pulse.ng that the incident occurred at about 7pm as other passengers were boarding the bus which was heading to Kaduna and Kano.

People in the area were immediately struck with fear and they began to assume the worst due to the Ebola disease which has inflicted some in the country.

According to the witness, some men eventually summoned courage and brought the corpse out of the bus while wearing nylon bags on their hands.

Police officers attached to the area were also called in and statements were given about the unfortunate incident.

The victim has not been identified as at press time and no official confirmation has been issued regarding the event.

2 Women Hide Stolen Rolex Watches In Their Vaginas


The women robbed two men of their expensive watches and put them in their vaginas

Three women have been arrested in Las Vegas after they robbed 2 men of their Rolex watches.

The suspects, Bryanna Warren, Trinity Kennard and Charmella Triggs then hid the expensive timepieces in their vaginas

Warren and Triggs were said to have flirted with one of their victims who was staying at a hotel with his friend. They met for drinks and invited Kennard to the room.

Two of the women then got involved in sex acts with the victims which led the men to take off their watches, priced at $12,000 and $4,000.

The women stole the watches and then escaped from the scene and video footage showed them hiding the items inside their vaginas.

They have been charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit grand larceny and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Suspected Ebola Patient Dies In Abuja


The Ebola disease is feared to have spread to Abuja after a symptomatic patient died in the Asokoro hospital

Panic has struck the Federal Capital Territory after a patient suspected of having Ebola died at the Asokoro Hospital.

The deceased is said to have exhibited symptoms of the disease before dying on Friday, August 28, 2014.

The Accident and Emergency Unit of the hospital where the patient was being treated has been cordoned off and all staff who came in contact with the patient are being observed.

The FCT Health and Human Services Secretariat issued a statement regarding the incident saying that blood samples of the patient have been taken to a laboratory for testing.

The statement, signed by the secretariat’s Head of Public Relations, Badaru Yakassai, reads

“The Family Medicine unit of Asokoro District Hospital suspected Ebola disease in a patient on admission at the Accident and Emergency unit on the 28th of August 2014 and immediately isolated the patient. Strict infection control measures were immediately instituted.

Blood sample was then taken to the designated FCT Ebola testing laboratory which happens to be within the hospital premises. The epidemiology unit of Public Health Department of the Health and Human Services Secretariat was notified and their response was immediate.

The results of the Ebola test was being expected from the laboratory four days later, on Monday the 1st of September 2014.

Unfortunately, the patient died the next day, Friday 29th August 2014. The accident and emergency unit was temporarily relocated to the General Outpatient Unit (GOPD).

A list of all medical staff who had come into contact with the patient has been compiled and they are all under surveillance”

The secretariat however urged residents of Abuja not to panic as the hospital was only taking precautionary measures to ensure that the disease did not spread.

What Bulge Is This In Bovi’s Pants?


The comedian is spotted with Ashanti in New York laughing so hard but is something else ‘down there’ getting even harder?


» more Bovi and his swollen pants get Ashanti laughing so hard in NYC

Idris Elba and fake fake dick make headlines
Ok, Bovi is that a yardstick in your pants? Because what we are seeing looks like something is growing … and growing fast inbetween your legs… or should we say by the side of your thigh?

You may notice something that looks like a long smooth wood in Bovi’s pants but again, it could be something else or is Bovi the next Idris Elba… (if you get my drift)?

The comedian is still in New York city where he hosted the 2014 NEAwards. He was spotted with US singer, Ashanti having a ‘great time’ and laughing so hard; but was Bovi ‘very happy’ being with the R&B giant?

Now, there’s a possiblility that this block-sized bulge in Bovi’s pants is… something else. It could be a… fake dick or maybe he’s filming a comedy skit about a black guy with a huge hard dick trying to woe a chick.

Or just maybe there is something in his pocket, as the above photo seem to indicate or is that really his d***?

Either way Bovi, maybe those pants should never be worn again… ever!!!

Former Miss Nigeria UK Engaged To A ‘Carpenter’


Who says beauty queens give a damn?
They always say ‘romance goes with finance’ but looks like even
Beauty Queens don’t give a damn!
Former Miss Nigeria UK, Dabota Lawson is engaged.
The Beauty Queen recently got engaged to her long time boyfriend
and the CEO of Novena Majesty Furniture, Prince Sunny Aku .
Dabota’s fiance ies reportedly in his fifties and very close sources
claim he is also very rich and even owns a private jet. He’s nalso
reported to have been the giver of her latest Range Rover SUV she
once flaunted on her Instagram.
Back in January, she was rumoured to had been in a secret
affair » with rising African star Davido!
But wait, what kind of ‘carpenter’ is this!
He also bought her the Range Rover SUV which she recently
flaunted on Instagram.

Dayo Adeneye’s Father-In-Law Kidnapped


The father-in-law of Kennis Music executive, Dayo “D1” Adeneye has been abducted

According to reports, the father-in-law of Kennis Music Executive, Dayo “D1” Adeneye has been kidnapped.

74-year-old Chief Nigbenebor, who is the father of Dayo’s wife, Caroline, was abducted in Benin, Edo State.

The kidnappers have reportedly contacted the family and demanded a ransom of N10million.

The incident has been confirmed by Caroline Adeneye’s publicist, Sunday Adebayo.

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