ASUU STRIKE UPDATE: Jonathan Calls For Review Of Labour Laws

President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday
advocated a review of labour laws to curtail the excesses of the
Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and other labour
The President, who made the call during a
Presidential media chat in Abuja, urged the striking members of
ASUU to return to work in the interest of their students and the
education sector.
The President also said it was inconceivable that lecturers in
state-owned universities would go on strike over issues
concerning the allowances of lecturers in federal universities.
He said such a situation would not occur if well-guided and
well-thought out laws were in place regulating labour union
Jonathan also said that the N79 billion Earned Allowance
arrears, which was the major reason for the ASUU strike, was
not supposed to be paid from the federation account.
According to the President, earned allowances ought to be paid
from the Internally Generated Revenue of the universities, if a
good labour law is in place.
Jonathan called on the striking ASUU to reconsider its stand by
accepting government offer, and call its members back to the
The President reiterated the commitment of his administration to
adequately fund the universities and provide the necessary
infrastructure to aid the education sector
Jonathan said that the PDP-led administration had done quite
well, despite all the odds and challenges According to him,
Nigeria is better off in the past years of the PDP-led government
with improved standard of living, building of more federal
universities, improved telecommunication, railways and roads.
The President assured that with the commitment of his
administration to the privatisation of the power sector, electricity
supply would become stable by the
end of the first quarter of 2014.

Gov. Fashola Finally Unveiles The Tallest Hotel In West Africa

Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola, yesterday, unveiled
the N30 billion tallest hotel in West Africa, the Intercontinental
The hotel located at Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island,
Lagos, is a 23-storey building with 358 rooms, 37 suites and a
presidential suite.
The Intercontinental Lagos, a subsidiary of the Intercontinental
Hotel Group, IHG, is owned by the Milan Group.
Fashola said the new hotel showed that the economy of the
country was witnessing growth daily but without corresponding
According to him, “The new sector is the tourism sector. This is
the only virgin sector in the country, and it will help address the
challenges of unemployment in the country.”
The governor noted that the new hotel had helped to create new
650 direct jobs in the state, adding that with the construction of
more hotels and hospitality outfits, more direct jobs would be
created as well as numerous indirect jobs.
Chairman, Milan Group, Ramesh Valechha said the hotel will
change the landscape of Lagos and boost the hospitality industry
in the state.
He noted that the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, for
the project was signed on March 31, 2004 while it took two
years to complete the design work
before the conceptualisation of the project began.
He revealed that the Lagos State Government, Skye Bank and
Wema Bank were supportive of the project.
According to Valechha, building of the hotel cost over N30
billion, while 650 jobs were created for Nigerians.
The unveiling ceremony was attended by the Governor of
Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi;
Oba of Lagos, Oba Riliwan
Akiolu 1; ex-governor of CBN, Joseph Sanusi, and other

Hey Guys!!!! Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

The list is endless when it comes to things that shouldn’t be
done on a first date, but there are 3 big no-no’s that definitely
have to be avoided if you want to score points on a date
Now no one’s telling you not to pick up calls or that you have to
leave your cell phone at home, but you should know how to use
it well.
Make sure your calls are short, even if you have to answer
them. Don’t cut her in mid sentence to answer the call. Wait
until she’s done with her sentence, and then excuse yourself, if
only for a moment.
Another way you can actually make her feel more special is by
answering the call, only to tell the person that you’re with
someone who’s very important to you, and whatever it is, you
could talk about it the next day! You could also add a cheeky
grin to stop you from appearing pompous.
Now why wouldn’t that make just about anyone beam with
To top that, you could hang up, and then say, “Sorry, that was
Bill Gates and he’s just so annoying.” You could just laugh off
that little joke of yours, and show her that you can be humorous
at the same time!
Remember, you’re out with someone who’s matured enough to
think and take care of herself. You can ask her occasionally if
she’s comfortable, or if she requires something.
But don’t keep popping the same question to her again and
again. It can get really annoying. Just enjoy the conversation
and relax. Don’t push your protective and concerned act too far.
And if you find yourself running out of things to talk about,
stop asking her if she’s having fun. Instead, be comfortable and
speak about something else. Usually the four magic words –
music, work, movies, and shopping, will take the conversation
really far and you can also have a great time getting to know
each other.
You could also use the awesome six conversation starters on a
date to start great conversations. And another thing, if you both
have something in common in these four words, then you can
go ahead and book your next date’s dinner reservation.
It’s fun to be with this girl who’s so much fun to hang out with.
And you want to prove that you’re a great guy to hang out with
to her. So what do you do? You tell her about all your brave,
stupid and hilarious encounters.
You start off right from the first time you ripped your pants in
first grade, and go on all the way to the latest incident. Stop!
First of all, she doesn’t want to know all of that, even if she
seems like she loves hearing all of that. And secondly, spare
some loving and exploring for later.
You don’t want her to know everything about you on the first
date itself, do you? Give her a chance to learn more about you
by herself. Let there by mystery in your togetherness, and let her
wonder what else you have in store for her, the next time you
meet up.

5 Signs Your Lover May Be Cheating

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Cheating. It affects both young and old, as well as the affluent
and the financially struggling. But one thing remains: The
consequences of cheating are devastating for all parties
In a 2012 survey, over 30 percent of women confessed they
would be tempted to cheat if their partners never found out,
while 41 percent of men said cheating violated their moral
values. Everyday, men and women cheat — physically,
emotionally, and even via technology.
If you’ve had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and
your intuition has screamed out that something just isn’t right,
you may have endured your suspicions long enough. The first
step in determining the likelihood that your significant other is
being unfaithful is to concentrate on their patterns and the
potential signs of infidelity.
Love is not blind. If anything, it should help you see things with
more transparency.
While the following signs may not imply that your partner is in
fact cheating on you, each is definitely a warning that something
is amiss with your relationship.
Take them with a grain of salt and be careful not to confuse
these signs with proof. Because the truth of the matter is that
you might just be downright paranoid.
But if you seriously think your lover is cheating, it’s time to set
those suspicions straight.
Increase or Decrease In Sexual Needs
If your partner is suddenly turning you down for some midnight
romping when they’ve never dissed your advances before, it
could be they are getting their sexual needs satisfied elsewhere.
When a lack of intimacy in the bedroom becomes an issue and
your partner will do anything in their power to avoid physical
contact, something is definitely wrong.
On the other hand, a hasty increase in sexual appetite may also
be the result of infidelity.
“Both more and less interest in sex can signal infidelity,” says
Jennifer Oikle, PhD, psychologist and dating coach. “While
many couples experience changes in their sexual activity over
time, if your spouse is never interested in having sex anymore,
you should consider the possibility that they are having an
Drastic Change In Appearance
When your casual companion begins transforming into a
fashion-forward individual, it doesn’t always mean they are
attempting to impress you.
“A man or woman who drastically alters their clothing style,
appearance or body shape for no apparent reason may be having
an affair. Perhaps the other lover has suggested he grow a
beard, wear her hair differently or use cologne/perfume. If they
begin dressing differently for work, there may be a coworker
they are trying to impress,” explains Danine Manette,
investigator and infidelity expert. “They may be trying to look
good for a new love interest or perhaps the other person works
out at the gym and they are showing a sudden interest in going
Change In Attitude
“Cheating creates a lot of internal turmoil and tension, which
gets played out between the two of you. Plus, in order to cheat
on someone, you have to be focused on what you don’t like
about them. By making that loud and clear, they’ll feels more
justified in cheating and less guilty,” says Dr. Oikle.
If your companion starts becoming suspicious of you, even
though none of your behaviors or habits are out of the norm,
that typically calls for a red flag. When they feel guilty for
cheating, they’ll simply project their frustrations onto you.
They Become Protective of Their Cell Phone
Does your spouse have a death grip on their phone–bringing it
into the shower and into bed with them at night? Do they
happen to get all defensive when you ask why they deleted
specific phone calls, a voicemail or text messages? People who
suddenly become more private–putting a password on their
phone or laptop–will often times get defensive and accuse you
of snooping.
Since the majority of emotional affairs occur over the phone, if
you find that your trustworthy companion immediately hangs up
when you enter the room, or that they always erase their phone
history, you may want to check their phone records to see if
they are arranging illicit liaisons. That is, if you have access to
“Many people who are having affairs are found out by their
mobile phone records, which will typically have numerous calls
to the same person,” says family therapist Donna Tonrey.
Trust Your Intuition
Your intuition will assist you in detecting the early warning
signs. Are you constantly looking for excuses related to your
partner’s behavior or trying to convince yourself that they
would never hurt you? When you suspect that your sweetheart’s
behavior is out of the norm, communicate your suspicions with
them, ask for honesty and talk about what you’ve been noticing.
Trust and communication are the foundations of a good
relationship and whether or not you are being cheated on, your
concerns MUST be addressed early on to deter future infidelity

Jim Iyke Got Delivered From Evil Demons At TB Joshua’s Church

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke got delivered today at Prophet
TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations by Wise
Man Daniel.
Wise man Daniel had laid hands on Jim Iyke and
immediately, the evil spirit started manifesting, confessing
through him.
The evil spirit revealed he had tormented Jim’s life for so
many years, confessing that it was trying to destroy Jim’s
life by making him stubborn, he couldn’t fall in love with
anyone or marry!
The evil spirit confessed that he was the biggest and that it
was only God’s grace that had kept him.
And the WiseMan said “Out!!! You ancestral demons
out!!!! In the mighty name of Jesus!!
Jim was just wailing and crying!!
Eventually, Jim was delivered and he asked: “Where is my
shoe, mehn? Why did you take off my shoes?Download video to device

Several Students Dead As Boko Haram Attacks College Of Agriculture In Yobe

Scores of students have been killed in yet another attack by
terrorist group, Boko Haram, in Yobe state.
The insurgents attacked the College of Agriculture Gujba, 50
KM south of Damaturu, the state capital yesterday night and
killed several students.
A staff of the school who confirmed the attack to Channels
Television said several dead bodies are still being recovered
from bushes, hostels and classes in and around the school as
scores were killed in the attack.
The source also revealed that surviving students are at the
moment making efforts to re unite with their families in fear of
further attacks by the insurgents.
The security agencies are yet to confirm the incident.
More details soon…