How to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys (like me)

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Skinny guys often say they can eat anything they want without gaining weight. They think they’re blessed with a fast metabolism. They’ll say: “I make women jealous with my metabolism. I can eat junk food all day without gaining weight”.

Truth is you can eat anything you want without gaining weight because you’re not eating a lot. I know you think you do, but you’re not. Otherwise you wouldn’t be skinny. Here’s how to gain weight for skinny guys.

1. Track Calories. Skinny guys often overestimate what they eat. Read the labels, use a food scale and track your daily caloric intake using You need at least your body-weight in lbs x 20kcal daily to gain weight.

A rule of thumb is at least 1kg for each cm above 1m (use this converter). Anything less you’ll always look skinny. There’s no upper limit, if you want to weigh more go for it. Examples of minimum goal weights:

1m70/5’7″ at least 70kg/154lbs
1m75/5’9″ at least 75kg/165lbs
1m80/5’11″ at least 80kg/176lbs
1m85/6’1″ at least 85kg/187lbs
1m90/6’3″ at least 90kg/200lbs

3. Eat Every 3 Hours. You need at least your body-weight in lbs x 20 kcal to gain weight. That’s 2700kcal/day if you’re 135lbs. If you have a physical job or move a lot, you’ll need even more. Eat every 3 hours.

Breakfast. Get calories from the first hour. Read how to build the habit of eating breakfast and try these breakfast recipes.
Lunch & Diner. Prepare double portions while making breakfast. 1 portion for work/school, 1 portion when you get back.
Snacks. Mixed nuts, fruits, dried fruits, yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, sandwiches, milk, protein shakes, …
Post Workout. Physical activities burn calories. Eat post workout to get that energy back. Check this post workout shake recipe.

4. Eat Calorie Dense Foods. 100g raw rice is 380kcals. 100g raw spinach is only 25kcals. Getting your daily calorie intake is easier if you eat foods high in calories. Your best options:

Pasta. 100g pasta is 380kcal and easier to ingest than 100g rice. Whole grain pasta is healthier, but takes longer to digest. Eat white pasta.
Whole Milk. If you don’t bother gaining some fat, drink 1 gallon whole milk per day on top of your current food intake. I’ve seen guys gaining 60lbs/year drinking 1 gallon per milk per day while Squatting 3x/week.
Nuts. Mixed nuts & natural peanut butter have +500kcal/100g, about 50% healthy fats and 25% protein. Use mixed nuts as snack & throw peanut butter on sandwiches for work/school.
Olive Oil. Protects against heart diseases & cancer. Sip it like vodka (it’s not that bad, really) or use it for tomato pasta sauce. 1tbsp is 100kcal.

5. Get Stronger. You want to go from skinny to muscular, not from skinny to chubby. Get into strength training. More strength is more muscle. If you don’t know where to start, check StrongLifts 5×5. Some tips.

Free Weights. Force you to stabilize the weight and allow for natural motions. Start light, focus on technique and add weight progressively.
Compound Exercises. Do exercises that work your whole body. Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Bench Press, Pull-ups, Dips, Barbell Row, …
Squat. Leg exercise stressing your whole body. When you can Squat 1.5x your body-weight for 1 rep, you’ll no longer be skinny. Squat often.
Rest. Muscle grow when you rest, not when you workout. Don’t train daily. Sleep, drink 1 gallon water daily and eat fruits/veggies.

6. Plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. You don’t have time to cook 3x/day, and the food at work/school is often low quality/more expensive. Prepare your food in advance and take it with you.

Do The Grocery. Avoid skipped meals because you don’t have food available. List everything you need for 1 week and go buy it.
Cook in Advance. Prepare all your meals once per day: while preparing breakfast or while preparing dinner. It takes about 40mins.
Keep it Simple. Make double portions, take leftovers with you, use cans of tuna & mixed nuts, 1 gallon milk per day, …
Take Food with You. Food containers for work/school, mixed nuts at the movies, eat before going to town, take protein shakes to the gym, …

7. Track Progress. Success breeds success. Knowing that you’re losing your skinny look will keep you motivated. Track everything.

Track Calories. Continue tracking your daily caloric intake using FitDay so you get a confirmation of how many calories you’re eating.
Weigh Yourself Weekly. Gaining weight? Don’t change anything. Not gaining weight? Increase your daily caloric intake by 500kcal.
Take Pictures. The mirror is subjective. Pictures don’t lie. Shoot pictures bi-monthly so you have objective measurements of your progress.
Track Strength Gains. When you can Squat 1.5x your body-weight for 1 rep, you’ll no more be skinny. Use the StrongLifts 5×5 spreadsheet.

Weight Gain Diet. 3500+kcal example diet for a skinny guy who wants to weigh 180lbs/81kg. This can be too much at once if you’re only 135lbs/61kg or not enough if you’re very active. Individualize the diet based on your needs.

Breakfast: 100g oats, 50g raisins, 1scoop whey
Snack: 100g mixed nuts or 1 liter milk or tuna sandwich
Lunch: 200g white pasta, bolognese sause, parmesan cheese
Snack: 100g mixed nuts or 1 liter milk or tuna sandwich
Post workout shake: 1.5scoops whey, 60g oats, milk, banana
Dinner: 200g white pasta, bolognese sause, parmesan cheese
Pre bed: cottage cheese, berries, flax seed, fish oil

Mo dew i uploaded this post purposely because of you ,so you can see i still have hope , so am sure you will be like “so what are you waiting for” well you see it takes a lot of time , planning and money , so just hold on hen,,, ill get there soon…..

Secret weapon for all guys on How to Look Attractive


13397 intro.jpg

You can’t control your genes or your basic physical traits, but you can control how you use what you’ve got. Being attractive is a combination of several different factors, including grooming, personality, and style. Whether you’re simply looking to amp up your existing sex appeal, or are completely at a loss as to where to begin, there are simple changes you can make to become more attractive.


Method 1 of 5: Grooming

The easiest and most basic thing you can do to be more appealing is practicing good hygiene. Looking clean and smelling good will make people subconsciously want to be nearer to you. Use these steps to develop a daily routine.

  1. 13397 2.jpg

    Wear deodorant. Find a scent and strength that works for you, and put it on first thing after you get out of the shower. If you find that you get sweaty or smelly during the day, carry deodorant in your backpack or briefcase and reapply.

    • If you forget to put on deodorant before you leave the house, find some hand sanitizer and wipe it on your armpits — it’ll kill the bacteria that produces body odor. You might have to reapply a few times during the day.
  2. 2

    Shower every day. Wash your hair thoroughly, and use a body wash or soap that has a fresh and clean scent.

    • If you usually shower in the morning, consider getting a fogless mirror for your shower so you can wash your face and shave while you’re in there.
  3. 13397 3.jpg

    Wear cologne or body spray. How you smell throughout the day can make or break your attractiveness — if you get it right, people will be automatically drawn closer to you. If you get it wrong, though, it can have the opposite effect and actually repel people. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

    • Don’t wear too much. This is the most important thing about smelling good — it can’t be too strong, because it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Even roses can smell nauseating if you take a big whiff of concentrated rose oil. Do two or three pumps of cologne maximum and only three pumps of body spray. Your nose will get used to the scent and stop “smelling” it after a few minutes, but other people can still smell you.
    • Find a scent that works with your natural smell. Everyone’s body chemistry is slightly different, and as a result not every scent fits every person. There are smells that “work” on some people and start to smell terrible on others. If you can, sample a cologne or body spray before you buy it. Wear it around for a day, and ask a friend to tell you how it smells a few hours later.
    • Try to match up your body wash and your cologne. They don’t have to be the same scent, but they should be similar so that they don’t produce a clashing smell.
    • Put cologne over pulse points. The parts of your body where large amounts of blood are flowing close to the surface, will be a little bit warmer throughout the day, which will heat up the cologne slightly and make it smell stronger. Common areas include the wrists, throat, and back of the neck.
  4. 4

    Wash your face every morning and night. Men naturally have more testosterone than women, which is linked to an increase in pimples and outbreaks. Counteract this by taking care to keep your face clean.

    • Find products that are appropriate for your skin type. Here are the most common kinds:
      • Sensitive/dry skin: If your skin tends to be flaky and dry, or gets red and irritated easily, use an extremely gentle cleanser. Skip toner, and use a light moisturizer.
      • Combination/T-zone skin: If your forehead, nose and chin (or “T-zone”) tend to be oily but your cheeks are dry, you have “combination” skin. Most people have this skin type, so look for a cleanser that’s marketed for normal or combination skin. Use a gentle toner on your T-zone, and finish up with a moisturizer.
      • Oily skin: If your skin tends to be uniformly oily, find a clay-based or drying cleanser. Use a gentle toner everywhere on your face, and finish with a light moisturizer. If your skin feels oily during the day, pick up some face-blotting tissues from the skin-care section of the drug store and pat them on your skin in the afternoon.
    • If you have acne, use a salicylic acid face wash and put benzoyl peroxide cream on pimples. If this doesn’t help, see a dermatologist.
  5. 13397 5.jpg

    Shave or trim your facial hair. Whether you choose to be bare-faced or have a beard, the key is taking care to groom your facial hair every day.

    • For a clean-shaven look, shave every morning before you leave for work or school. Wet your skin first, and use a sharp razor and shaving cream. Shaving against the grain (that is, in the opposite direction of hair growth, from your jaw to your cheek) provides a closer shave, but results in more irritation. If you struggle with ingrown hairs, try shaving with the grain.
    • Manage your beard, mustache or goatee. Make sure the edges are neat and clean, and trim any hair so that it’s uniformly long. When you’re cleansing your face, pay special attention to scrubbing the skin beneath any facial hair.
  6. 13397 6.jpg

    Groom your eyebrows (optional). You don’t have to pluck your eyebrows, but it might help you look a little more well-groomed overall. Here are some basic pointers:

    • Find a good pair of tweezers. The two prongs should meet completely — this will make plucking less painful and more efficient.
    • Use the rest of your face as a guideline. Find a pencil and hold it up to the edge of one nostril, so that the pencil crosses your eyebrow. Hair that runs past the pencil and into the “unibrow” zone over your nose should be plucked. Do this for the other side as well.
    • Clean up your arches. If your brows still look a bit bushy after you’ve plucked out the middle, you can try plucking a bit from beneath your arches. Remember, though, to only pluck beneath your eyebrows — don’t pluck the hair above the brow.
  7. 7

    Clean and trim your nails. Every two or three days, when you get out of the shower, take a minute to quickly trim up all 20 of your nails and clean out any dirt from beneath them. They’ll be softer and easier to manage after you’ve been in the water for a few minutes. Both your fingernails and toenails should be trimmed short, so there’s just a thin line of white above the quick.

  8. 8

    Brush and floss your teeth. Combat bad breath and maintain a pearly-white smile by taking good care of your teeth.

    • Update your toothbrush. Your toothbrush should be replaced once every 3 months, or after you’ve recovered from a cold or other infectious illness. If the bristles are starting to splay out, you need a new one.
    • Floss every night. Not only does flossing get plaque and food out of your mouth, it’s also thought to prevent heart disease.
    • Brush your tongue. Your teeth might be sparkling white, but you’ll still be saddled with bad breath if your tongue is dirty. Using your toothbrush, make a few light strokes over your tongue whenever you brush. (Don’t push too hard, or you’ll damage the tissue).
    • Finish with mouthwash. Swish thoroughly for 20 seconds, and spit.

Method 2 of 5: Styling Hair

  1. 13397 9.jpg

    Have your hair trimmed regularly. Even if you’re trying to grow it out, it needs regular cuts to stave off split ends. You can visit a professional stylist, or cut it yourself. Either way, consider these schedules:

    • If you prefer to keep your hair short, aim to have it trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks. Make sure that you or your stylist shaves the hair that grows down the back of your neck.
    • If you’re growing out your hair, have the ends trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. Even if it’s going to be covered, take care to shave the hair that grows down the back of your neck.
  2. 13397 10.jpg

    Wash your hair often. Washing hair every day works for most guys, but you could stretch it to every other day if your hair is particularly dry. Find a shampoo and conditioner that seems to work for your hair type. (If you struggle with having dry hair or split ends, look for a sulfate-free shampoo, without sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate.)

  3. 3

    Use hair products (optional). You don’t have to use product to style your hair, but most people do. It can help your hair look shinier and healthier, as well as providing more hold and control. Here are some common products used to style men’s hair:

    • Serums or creams. These can help you tame fly-aways or de-frizz curls without making your hair stiff and immovable.
    • Mousse. Use hair mousse to add volume and shine to your hair, with minimal hold. For best results, apply to wet hair and allow to dry.
    • Pomade, hair wax or hair clay. Use these products to mold your hair in to difficult-to-achieve shapes, such as pompadours or curls (for naturally straight hair). Be aware that it can take several washes to remove these products, so apply them lightly. A pea-sized amount should be plenty if you have short, medium or thin hair. Use pomade or hair wax for a shiny, wet look; use hair clay for a matte, natural tone.
    • Gel. Unlike pomade, gel contains alcohol that dries out hair and makes for a stiffer hold. For the strongest hold, apply gel to wet hair.
    • Hair glue. Ever wonder how some people get their mohawks to stand straight up? They’re probably using some variation of hair glue, which provides the strongest possible hold. Be wary of product build-up, and wash hair thoroughly.
  4. 13397 12.jpg

    Comb your hair into a style that works for you. You might have to experiment a bit to find out what hairstyle best suits your face and your style, but eventually you’ll settle into a look that works for you on a daily basis. Consider these options:

    • Part your hair. You can part your hair down the middle, to the side, or not at all. Try it a few different ways and see what you like.
    • Comb your hair in one direction, instead of parting, you can try combing the top of your hair in one way. If it’s particularly short, try combing it forward; if its longer, you could comb it back or spike it up. Again, try out some different styles.
    • If you have longer hair, you can try pulling it back in a ponytail, styling it so that it lands in front of your face, or combing back and tying up just the top section.
  5. 5

    Deal with balding (optional). If you’re balding, it might be best to cut or shave your hair short, so that the difference between the two areas is less noticeable. Be sure to wash your hair right after exercising, as failing to do so is said to accelerate balding, and give yourself a nice scalp massage every time you shower.

Method 3 of 5: Clothing

As they say, the clothes make the man! You don’t have to wear expensive items to be attractive, but your clothing can communicate a lot about you. Consider building your wardrobe around these steps.

  1. 13397 14.jpg

    Wear clothing that fits. You could be wearing the most expensive suit in the world and still look awkward if it’s too small or too large on you. Your clothes should fit you as well as possible, which in general means that the bottom of your pants should hit or cover your ankles, long-sleeved shirts should hit or cover your wrists, and the bottom of your shirt should hit your hips.

    • Don’t try to hide your body. Whether you’re embarrassed about being too large or too skinny, trying to cover it up with baggy clothing only makes you look worse. You don’t have to wear clothing that’s completely form-fitting, but it shouldn’t sag or leave too much space.
    • If you can’t wear sizes off the rack, find an inexpensive seamstress or tailor. Maybe you have thin hips but long legs, and you can’t find a pair of jeans that accommodates both. Buy clothing that’s slightly larger than you need, and find someone to take it in so that it fits your measurements. Most dry cleaning businesses will do alterations for a fair price.
    • Throw out or donate clothes that no longer fit. You might love that old T-shirt from high school, but you shouldn’t be wearing it if it doesn’t fit.
  2. 2

    Know how to highlight your best features. Here’s a basic rule of getting dressed: light colors highlight, and dark colors obscure. For instance, if you like your shoulders but you’re not as fond of your legs, you might try wearing dark-wash jeans and a light-colored T-shirt.

  3. 13397 16.jpg

    Figure out which colors look good on you. The right color will make your skin look awesome, while the wrong one can make it look washed out and sallow. Here are some basic tests to try:

    • Determine whether you look better in white or off-white. Try holding a stark white shirt up to your face, then an off-white shirt. If you’re like most people, you’ll look notably better next to one or the other. Once you figure it out, stick to what works.
    • Determine whether you look better in black or brown. This one isn’t as clear-cut as white, but some people look notably better in black over brown, and vice versa. When you settle on one, don’t mix the colors — for instance, don’t wear brown shoes and a brown belt with black dress trousers. Wear black shoes, black pants, and a black belt, or all brown.
    • Try to figure out if you prefer “warm” or “cool” colors. Cool colors are generally based on blues, purples, dark greens, and blue-based reds, while warm colors are based on yellows, oranges, browns, and yellow-based reds. An easy way to figure this out is to find something that’s blue-red, and something that’s yellow-red, and hold them up to your face. Which one looks better with your skin tone? (If you need more help determining warm and cool colors, search online for a color wheel that demonstrates this.)
  4. 13397 17.jpg

    Stock your wardrobe with timeless basics. These pieces shouldn’t fall out of style too quickly, and they should be made of quality materials that will last a few years. Pick up items such as solid-color polo shirts, solid or plaid button-up shirts, dark blue jeans, plain white and black T-shirts (without advertisements or graphic designs), a solid-color blazer, dark dress trousers, a dark and well-fitting jacket, lace-up dress shoes, and white sneakers. You’ll always be able to put together a presentable outfit from these pieces.

  5. 5

    Do laundry regularly. Some items of clothing can stand to go through several wears before they’re dirty (such as jeans or jackets), but shirts, underwear and socks can only stand one wear before they need to be washed. Set up a regular schedule for doing laundry so that you don’t spend the morning scrambling for something clean.

Method 4 of 5: Having an Attractive Presence

  1. 13397 19.jpg

    Practice good posture. It might seem irrelevant, but standing up straight makes you seem confident and in control, which people do find attractive. Proper posture can also make you appear taller. Keep your shoulders squared, your spine straight, and try to center your hips over your feet. Walk with confidence and don’t drag your feet or shuffle. Also don’t stare at the ground, and putting your hands in your pockets can make you look shy or nervous.

  2. 2

    Smile. Offering someone a genuine smile is one of the easiest things you can do to seem instantly appealing. Practice smiling often, and try to get into a frame of mind where your grin is easy to trigger.

    • Develop a warm sense of humor. Find joy and laughter in the ridiculous aspects of life, and don’t be afraid to point this out to other people. Try to keep your jokes free of references to bodily functions, sex acts, or disparaging other groups of people.
  3. 13397 21.jpg

    Make eye contact. When you’re talking to someone (especially someone you like), demonstrate that you’re interested and paying attention by making consistent eye contact.

    • Use eye contact to flirt. Throw several glances at someone sitting near you or across the room until he or she catches you. Maintain eye contact for a second, smile and look away.
  4. 13397 22.jpg

    Be a gentleman. You don’t have to be a stuffed shirt to show basic care and consideration for other people. Say “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me,” and show courtesy by holding doors open for people walking behind you.

    • Be respectful of other people. Don’t tear down other people’s beliefs, and don’t be unnecessarily rude to them. If someone tries to start a confrontation with you, walk away calmly — this illustrates that you won’t sink to the other person’s level.
    • Don’t swear or make crude comments in public. It’s fine to let your hair down a little bit around your guy friends or your family, but avoid talking this way around people you don’t know well.
  5. 5

    Know how to carry a conversation. Being a competent conversationalist can help people feel more at-ease and relaxed around you. Know how to casually inquire about how someone is doing, and let that lead into other topics of conversation. Ask open-ended questions (for example, instead of saying “Do you have any plans this weekend?”, which can be answered with a simple yes or no, ask “What are you up to this weekend?”), and stay away from contentious topics such as politics and religion.

    • To sharpen your conversational skills, try striking up a chat with a stranger next time you’re waiting around in public, such as at a bus stop or in line at the grocery store. If you can get a genuine smile and a few lines of conversation out of the other person, you’re doing well.
  6. 6

    Speak clearly and carefully. When you talk to other people, try not to mumble or rush your words. Form full sentences, and avoid opening your mouth before you’ve really thought about what you’re going to say — it will save you a lot of potential embarrassment.

Method 5 of 5: Taking Care of Your Body

  1. 1

    Eat well. Sticking to a healthy diet can help you avoid bad breath and pungent body odor, as well as keeping you healthy and trim. Try incorporating some of these guidelines into your diet:

    • Avoid junk food and items that are high in sugar. These treats are fine every once in a while, but they shouldn’t be an everyday thing. Try to limit modest amounts of soda, beer, candy bars, potato chips and other junky items to one “cheat” day per week.
    • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You’ve heard it a hundred times, but eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables is vital to a healthy diet. Consider trying to eat fresh fruit (such as apples, oranges and pears) as a snack, and try to eat at least one vegetable at both lunch and dinner.
    • Learn to prepare food. Start with simple things – boil eggs, make sandwiches and salads, cook burgers and steaks, heat frozen veggies, boil rice & pasta. It will save you money, improve your health and impress people!
  2. 2

    Exercise. Consistent physical activity can not only help your body look more attractive, but it also lifts your mood and keeps you from getting sick as often. Set up a plan that works for you, and stick to it. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

    • Do basic stretches, sit-ups, push-ups, and other exercises every other day. Stay consistent with the number of repetitions. Then, as your muscles improve, increase the number of repetitions you do and you will see results.
    • Try different weight lifting plans. Try to do as much as you can, but don’t over extend yourself, and give your muscles rest days to heal and build muscle. Working out every day may actually be bad for you! However, don’t be afraid about becoming way too buff. Body-builders in magazines look that huge because lifting weights is the only thing they do for a living. It won’t happen to you.
      • The primary core lifts are Bench Press, Squat, Military Press, Deadlift, and Curls. If you need more chest work, consider doing Incline Press. If you would rather do more explosive workouts, consider Power Clean, Push-press. If this still isn’t enough, consider doing bar snatch, workouts w/jerk, hang clean w/front squat, or other dumbbell lifts. If you have a membership, great, use the bar primarily, and use machines such as lat pull downs to supplement.
    • Walk, jog, ride your bicycle, or run for 30 minutes or for a mile or two as well (if you ride a bike, run, jog, or walk to school or work, then you can get well-exercised just walking, jogging, running, or riding your bike; this works on your stomach, legs, and back). It will help your body system to be more flexible and more upcoming to objectives.
    • Consider morning exercise. It can bring out your skin and make it look nicer throughout the day. Just make sure to take a shower after as well. Sometimes as you work out through-out the day you sweat. All that sweat would not smell nice. Taking a shower after a period of sweating to get fully clean would stop the odor.

    You can thank me later guys…..

Surprising Tricks for Shredded Abs


truth about abs smallIt seems like these days every expert has an opinion on what to do in order to attain those coveted chiseled abs, yet none of it works. It turns out that the best ways to burn belly fat are shockingly unconventional.

The stomach is one of the most stubborn areas when it comes to fat loss. Today, quick tips to lose belly fat are all the rage as people search tirelessly for ways to banish their belly fat forever. Unfortunately, many of those people are not successful. Is it all about the food you eat? Or the number of crunches you’re pushing out every night? It seems like there is no consensus.

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Certified Nutrition Specialist Mike Geary just might have come up with the answer. According to Mike, people are going about it all wrong. In fact, the best exercise to do when trying to get a six pack, is no exercise at all.

Ab exercises build ab muscles that just push the layer of fat on top of it out and make the stomach appear bigger!

People are struggling day in and day out to get a lean stomach, but they are going about it all wrong. So what’s the answer?

Mike lays out the 5 facts that you have to understand if you ever hope to lose your stubborn stomach fat:

1. The “health foods” that are advertised today, are actually junk foods disguised as healthy goods, that will actually stimulate you to gain more stomach fat than lose it. The food market industry actually lies to consumers in order to maximize their profits.

2.  The common ab exercises like sit-ups, crunches, and ab machines are not effective. They are actually the least effective method of getting abs.

3. Doing hours of cardio is not a good way to lose body fat. Not only is it boring and monotonous, it’s highly ineffective.

5. All of the ab gimmicks like ab belts and ab loungers are really a waste of money and time.

4. Fat burning pills and diet supplements will not help you lose fat. Many of them are actually dangerous.

Based on all of the positive testimonials you can find on his website, it is clear that Geary really knows what he’s talking about…


Man Arrested After Getting 14 Year Old Cousin Pregnant


A Fort Pierce Central High School football player was arrested on a lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor charge after his 14-year-old cousin became pregnant with his baby.

Fort Pierce police began investigating the case on October after the teen girl’s mother gave her a pregnancy test that came up positive, and she admitted to having $*x with her older cousin.

Investigators determined the two had $*x in late June when the girl was visiting family at Sharieff Inuka Rhaheed-Muhammad’s home in Fort Pierce.

The girl told police that Rhaheed-Muhammad didn’t force himself on her and that the $*x “just happened.” He tried again later and she turned him away, according to a police report.

The pregnancy was aborted in November, and genetic testing of the remains showed on Feb. 11 a nearly 100 percent chance that Rhaheed-Muhammad, 17, was the father. After Rhaheed and his mother refused to provide a DNA sample, police served a search warrant at the high school in November and took a swab of his DNA.

A 6’2″ 200-pound linebacker, Rhaheed-Muhammad just recently signed to play for the University of Louisville in the fall. He has no criminal history.

Rhaheed-Muhammad was released from juvenile detention Tuesday on the felony charge.

Nigerian Soldiers Run Away from Boko Haram

When the governor of Borno State, who is on ground and knows what is going on in his state, said those who have been recruited by the Boko
Haram are better armed and motivated than the Nigerian Army, people like Doyin Okupe who haven’t been to Borno since the killings started insulted the governor.

But the picture is now getting clearer. The killings extended to Adamawa State where Boko Haram terrorists armed with rocket-propelled grenades nearly sacked four communities and
operated with impunity.

A Pastor in the Shuwa area told AFP that Nigerian soldiers ran into the bush on sighting Boko Haram men:

“When the soldiers at the military
checkpoints saw the number of the
attackers, they retreated into the nearby bushes as the gunmen operated without challenge during the operation that lasted throughout the night.”

Death toll in the attack is put at 37. On Tuesday it was Yobe State where 59 schoolchildren were massacred.

In Adamawa attack, banks, shops, a local government secretariat and houses were said to have been looted and burnt during the six-hour
simultaneous raids on the three communities – Michika, Gulak , Shuwa and Krichinga – by the deadly militants.

In Shuwa, Madagali Local Government Area, a repeat of the Yobe massacre was averted when the insurgents attacked the Christians Teacher College, Christian Secondary School and a Catholic Convent.

Sources say the head of the Christian Secondary School, on hearing gunshots in the community, advised all his pupils to run into nearby bushes to avoid being killed by the terrorists. When the hoodlums eventually arrived and saw the school
deserted, they burnt down almost all the structures on the premises.

Unfortunately, among the over 20 persons killed in Shuwa, was a priest at St. Augustine Catholic Church.

The home of a former commissioner in
the state, Idris Nuhu, is also among those burnt in the community.

A resident, who identified himself simply as Fide, told the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, that the attackers arrived in nine vans, firing guns and
throwing explosives indiscriminately.

A furious governor of the state Gov. Murtala Nyako suggested there must be collusion with the Boko Haram terrorist network. Nyako, a former navy chief of staff, said the attacks ridiculed President Goodluck Jonathan’s insistence that the military is winning the war against Islamic militants.