Chinese Woman Kills 6 Different Partners For Inheritance


Chisako Kakehi has lost six different husbands and
boyfriends to mysterious deaths since 1994 and has
garnered wealth running into millions of dollars from
insurance and inheritance.
A 67-year-old woman, Chisako Kakehi , was on
Wednesday, November 19 arrested in China on
suspicion of killing her husband, her seventh partner to
have died mysteriously.
Chisako Kakehi was arrested on the suspicion that she
poisoned her late husband with cyanide. Isao Kakehi ,
who was Chisako’s fourth husband, suddenly fell sick
at home before he was confirmed dead at a hospital in
December 2013, less than two months after the couple
married. An autopsy found highly toxic cyanide
compounds in his blood.
Chisako Kakehi has been the beneficiary of a combined
800 million yen ($6.8 million) over the last two decades,
from insurance money and other assets she has
received after the deaths of seven of her partners.
Kakehi’s coquetry with death began in 1994 when her
first husband passed away at the age of 54. In 2006
her second husband, whom she met through a dating
agency, died of a stroke at the age of 69, while her
third 75-year old third husband died mysteriously too in
2008. A boyfriend, believed to have been suffering from
some form of cancer, died a year later, and in 2012 her
then-fiancé also died after collapsing. Traces of
cyanide were detected in his body. In September 2013,
Chisako’s boyfriend, a 75-year-old suddenly died after
the couple dined together at a restaurant
Kakehi was arrested Wednesday, November 19, by
police in Kyoto on suspicion of murdering her latest
husband but she however denied any involvement in his
death and other of her partners’ death. She has said
that she was “doomed by fate” to suffer a series of
deaths among those close to her, and protesting that
she had no access to poison.
Police are suspecting Chisako Kakehi who is a
millionaire, killed her partners for money and are now
working on the theory that she could have been behind
the deaths of at least some of the other six.


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