5 Reasons Why Wizkid Is Better Than Davido


Who is better? Is it the pop king or the cocky pop
The ‘war’ between Davido and Wizkid would probably
last till the end of their careers. The competition
between both acts has divided the pop music base in
Nigeria with half repping Omo Baba Olowo, and the
other half holding it down for Wizzy.
It’s tough to decide which act is better or ahead. Don’t
worry in a two part series, we will highlight
the factors that makes each artist better than the
other. Today, we give you 5 reasons why Wizkid is
better than his arch-rival Davido.
1. Wizkid Has More Hits Than Davido – This is not even
up for dispute. Wizkid is perhaps Nigeria’s most
prolific hitmaker. From his debut album, to the EME
compilation album to his new project, Wizkid has
racked more hits that will last some artist’s entire
career. Let’s not forget the songs he dropped in
between albums such as ‘Azonto’. Hit for hit, Wizkid
is leading this race with a huge gap.
2. Wizkid Has Better Taste In Women- Right from the
get go before he became a superstar, Wizkid has
shown that his taste in women is high. Look at his
babe in ‘Holla At Ur Boy’ video to his current on/and
off bae. Add Tonto Dikeh, Victoria Kimani, Seyi Shay
to his rumoured list of flings, and you see that he
doesn’t do random babes. Even his baby mama is
good looking. We can’t say this about Davido. The
two times he has been caught with his pants down,
its been with chicks who aren’t great in the looks
3. International Clout – Chris Brown is his buddy.
Rihanna (reportedly) likes his music. He shares the
same management with Tinie Tempah. He has done
songs with Akon , and Tyga . It’s pretty much
obvious is a huge music export. He is known by
foreign celebs, and he even parties with them.
Davido doesn’t have the same international
recognition Wizkid has. And oh, he’s taken a selfie
with Justin Bieber .
4. Wizkid Is A Better Dresser- Take a loot at Wizkid’s
Instagram and you can see that Wizzy takes
dressing seriously. He doesn’t just rock brands, he
knows how to co-ordinate them. Davido on the
other hand just buys the expensive gear, but they
don’t reflect a high taste in fashion and style.
Wizkid can just wear a white T and a pair of blue
jeans and still outshine a Davido dripping in
5. Wizkid Writes His Own Songs – Wizkid is the brain
and author behind all his songs. This is an added
benefit for the star. Davido is known to buy songs
off artists.
watch out for Tomorrow’s post – 5 Reasons Why Davido Is Better
Than Wizkid


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