Jason Derulo Suck It Jordin … I’m The King Of My Own Castle Now


Jordin Sparks may be a damsel in distress … but now
that she’s trashed him, she won’t be welcome at Jason
Derulo’s new castle.Jason bragged about his new
medieval digs — insinuating he doesn’t care that Jordin
is now trashing him — by tweeting that he’s moved on
to bigger and better things: “I bought myself a castle
2day!! No big deal.”Jason isn’t directly responding to
Jordin’s new single in which she essentially calls him
an ingrate and an a-hole. But he started it by putting
her on blast for allegedly pressuring him to tie the
knot.As for his $3 million acquisition deep in the San
Fernando Valley … it’s 10,000 square feet, outfitted
with turrets, a dungeon, a basketball/tennis court, and a
lap pool — standard issue for land barons.It’s like Henry
VIII moved to Tarzana … which sounds like a CW show.


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