Kim Kardashian Star’s namesake stabs fiancée, Faces 30years jail time


Nabilla Benattia, dubbed the French Kim Kardashian’s
burgeoning career in showbiz is now in tatters after
being arrested for the attempted murder of her
The famous ‘ French Kim Kardashian ‘ reality TV star has
been arrested for the attempted murder of her fiancée
who was found with a knife plunged into his chest at
an apartment hotel in nearby Boulogne-Billancourt
earlier this month.
Nabilla Benattia , 22, faces 30 years in prison as a prime
suspect in the case because police found out she’d
once threatened her man, Thomas Vergara , 28: ‘If I
caught my guy cheating on me, I would stab him with a
Nabilla had made a career out of just being a Kim
Kardashian » wanna-be or even a look-alike. But with
this prison charges, she could be at the verge of ending
her showbiz career.
She’s currently on remand in solitary confinement inside
a women’s jail in Versailles, West of Paris, after being
denied bail.
She has definitely denied being ‘consumed by jealousy
and sexual aggression’ as she allegedly plunged a knife
into her lover’s chest earlier this month.
According to a legal source close to the case, “Nabilla
is adamant that she is completely innocent, and her
only ambition is to get back to work. She is becoming
as famous as Kim Kardashian, but she wants to be
known for good things, not for trying to stab her
fiancée to death.”
But MailOnline claimed they uncovered a disturbing
history of violence and threats between Nabilla and
Thomas, whose entire romance has been played out on
reality TV.
Nabilla met her idol, Kim Kardashian for the first time
earlier this year, posing for pictures in Miami, and
appearing in a video in which the French beauty burst
out crying when she met her American idol.


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