Mariah and Nick — We Still Break Bread as a Family


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have quietly figured out
how to remain a family for the sake of their kids … and
they successfully spent the first big holiday together
since they separated.Mariah made it SEEM like
Thanksgiving was Cannon free … posting a pic of her
in the foyer of a home.But we know not only was Nick
there … it was HIS L.A. home.Our Carey/Cannon
sources say their relationship was extremely toxic when
they were together, but they actually get along as
friends now and both are committed to the welfare of
their 3-year-old twins.We’re told Thanksgiving was calm
and happy, although Mariah and the kids bolted for a
hotel after the meal.As for how the kids are doing …
we’re told they’re not really conscious or affected by
the separation, because they’re used to being cared for
by one parent or the other … interaction with both
Mariah and Nick was infrequent over the last 3 years.


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