Bill Cosby — Accuser’s Lawyer … Oops, Sorry For Putting You on Blast


The lawyer who reps the woman who sued Bill Cosby
for allegedly sexually assaulting her in 1974 has just
tried correcting a huge problem … he’s taken Cosby’s
name out of the suit, but it’s a ridiculous gesture.Judy
Huth’s lawyer, Marc Strecker, filed the lawsuit last
week and named Cosby as the defendant. Problem
is … under California law out of fairness, these suits
require the lawyer NOT to name the defendant but to
refer to him as John Doe. The reason for the law … so
people aren’t ruined by lawsuits that may turn out to
be bogus.So Strecker just re-filed the lawsuit swapping
out Cosby’s name with Doe. Obviously, he can’t unring
that bell.Huth claims Cosby got her drunk and then
took her to the Playboy Mansion in 1974 where he
allegedly sexually assaulted her. It’s pretty clear … the
statute of limitations has long run.


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