Puff Daddy punches Drake for flirting with Cassie


Both stars in club fight because Drake couldn’t help but
openly admire Diddy’s girlfriend!
When it comes to his woman, Puff Daddy » is very
very protective. That’s the major reason why the
business mogul reportedly left his fist into Drake » ‘s
face early Monday morning in Miami for trying to flirt
with his girlfriend, Cassie » in LIV nightclub!
According to reports, Drake was ceaselessly flirting with
the singer in the presence of Diddy. Insiders claim the
Bad Boy Entertainment boss approached the rapper
nicely and reminded him to stop hitting on his girlfriend
but he was too drunk, he kept on!
Eyewitnesses told reporters that Cassie tried to brush
him off, but the rapper continued.
“Drake just started laughing when Diddy was talking,
like he had no respect,” an insider said, “Well later in
the night [outisde of LIV] Diddy walked over and
punched Drake RIGHT IN THE FACE.”
According to MediaTakeOut, Diddy’s punch was too
strong that Drake almost fell off his feet. Thanks to his
hommies who held him down, he would have been
seriously injured. “It actually looked like Drake was
dancing to a YOUNG THUG song lol.” the insider
Wow! Wasn’t Drake the same dude begging for love
from Nicki Minaj » and Rihanna » and even Diana
Ross’ daughter?


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