Computer Failure Shuts Down London Airspace

Computer malfunctioning BlackBox Nigeria gathered
has led to the shutting down of one of the busiest
airport in Europe. London Heathrow Airport is a major
international airport in West London, England, United
Heathrow is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom
and the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic
London air space has been closed due to a computer
failure, the European air control agency Eurocontrol
has said.
Announcing through its twitter handle,
@ HeathrowAirport, the airport authority wrote,”Flights
are currently experiencing delays due to a power
outage at NATS control centre affecting UK airspace.
Further updates to follow.”
Airspace will be closed over the British capital until
7pm, the BBC reported.
Officials at Heathrow airport said there was a power
outage at the Nats control centre in Swanwick. Its
statement gave no indication how long the situation
was expected to continue.
The statement said “flights are currently experiencing
delays and we will update passengers as soon as we
have more information.”
It added: “Nats can confirm that a technical problem
has been reported at Swanwick air traffic control
“We apologise for any delays and our incident
response team has been mobilised.
“Every possible action is being taken to assist in
resolving the situation and to confirm the details.
“Further information will be released as it becomes
With hundreds of flights taking off and landing from
Heathrow alone, the closure of London airspace will
lead to numerous diversions and delays.
NATS is the main provider of air traffic control
services in the UK, handling 2.2 million flights and
220 million passengers in UK airspace.


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