Birdman Lil Wayne Will Fly the Coop Over My Dead Body


Birdman is NOT letting Lil Wayne out of his recording
contract, no matter how much he bitches.Sources close
to Birdman tell us … he’s deeply offended by Weezy’s
public rants … claiming Birdman has tried to derail his
career by refusing to release his new album. Weezy
didn’t mince words, tweeting, “I want off this label and
nothing to do with these people.”Birdman is unmoved
and vows to duke it out in court if necessary, because
a contract is a contract. As for the delay in dropping
the album, we’re told Birdman says there’s lots of
administrative work that goes into releasing a record,
and Weezy is just a rapper, not a businessman, so
what does he know?Birdman still intends to release the
album, but on his time, not Weezy’s.Wayne has thrown
down the gauntlet, calling himself a prisoner of the
Cash Money music mogul.


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