Waconzy ‘Ogbono’ singer speaks about sex and masturbation


Waconzy claims masturbation brings bad luck and
many other shocking opinions about sex.
Nigerian artiste Waconzy who is currently in the US
shared some of what he calls ‘revelations he got while
growing up’. They include warning about sex in general.
1. Guys the amount of sperm is ur body is same as
the amount of blessings available for you to use.
Sperm bring babies, babies are blessings . The more
your spermatozoa you save the more your
blessings. Evil doers seek the sperm of every great
man to bring him down. Be wise. Don’t waste it!
Use it wisely. Better still save it for your family.
2. Ladies, why is it that most of u who are in search
of husbands still form like a superstar when men
talk to you? do you want to die single? It’s not a
crime to be social but it’s a crime to sell your body
for cheap. Be wise !
3. Don’t have sex with anybody u don’t want to be
like. Sex with a demon, attracts demons. Sex with
the poor attracts poverty. Be Warned!
4. Masturbation bring very Bad luck.. Keep Off
Do you agree with Waconzy?


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