Kenny Anderson Having Met Kim Jong-un … I Know Sony Should Back Off


Former NBA All-Star Kenny Anderson says Sony
Pictures absolutely did the right thing by pulling “The
Interview” out of theaters … and adds he can’t figure
out why they made it in the first place.Kenny actually
met Kim Jong-un when he went to North Korea in
January as part of Dennis Rodman’s goodwill team of
ex-NBA players. He tells TMZ Sports … “I was trippin’
when I saw the movie preview. Why would they want to
ruffle their feathers? They already hate America.”Kenny
says Kim Jong-un actually treated him very well while
he was there — but admits he was ignorant to the
atrocities committed by Kim’s regime … until he got
back stateside. He says he’s confused about the plan
to greenlight ‘Interview’ .. but adds, “I think they
might’ve been trying to make Americans aware of some
of the stuff that happens over there.”As for the
financial hit Sony stands to take — Kenny says the
money’s not as important as human lives. As he puts
it, “Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses.


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