Iggy Azalea Rapper is scared of her ex- boyfriend


Iggy is pleading with a judge not to transfer her case
with ex-boyfriend to Texas as she is scared that he will
hurt her.
Iggy Azalea has told a judge that she scared of her ex-
boyfriend, Hefe Wine , who she alleges is a violent
person and that she fears for her own safety.
Iggy reportedly fears that her ongoing court case
against her former manager and boyfriend, Hefe Wine,
will be moved from Los Angeles to Texas, where Hefe
Wine lives.
The pair have been locked in a legal battle since
September, when Iggy attempted to sue him for
allegedly downloading contents of her computer and
trying to steal some of her unreleased records and
according to TMZ , Wine has asked the judge to move
the case to Houston, Texas but Iggy alleges he is
“violent” and fears for her safety if she is forced to visit
his hometown. The rapper claims Hefe became
“aggressive and possessive and made unwelcome
sexual advances, ” when they were dating, according to
court documents obtained by RadaOnline .
Iggy Azalea is now pleading with a judge to block case
from being transferred to Houston, Texas.
Iggy Azalea dated Maurice Wiiliams also known as Hefe
Wine when she was 17 and he was 33.


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