Toke Makinwa OAP asks her viewers, “what’s the fuss?”


On this new episode of Toke Moments, Toke Makinwa
touches on the issues concerning how Nigerians make
small matters into big deals even when they’re no
better than those they judge.
You go to the airport to board a flight (and you’re
probably taking the economy class), you spot an old
friend of yours who just got off a flight. She tells you
she had seen another mutual friend on her flight, and
the first question you ask is “what class was she
Does it really matter anyways?
Media personality and vlogger, Toke Makinwa, in her
usual frank and humorous way talks about how we
(Nigerians) take little, inconsequential things (like what
class an old friend flew on to London) and blow it out
of proportion.
Toke asks: “Were you the one that bought her the flight


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