10 qualities of a good and healthy relationship


For a good mental health, we have to be involved in a
good relationship which has a lot of care , love and
Our most special relationships are those that bring us
closer to others– our friends partners, spouses,
parents and children. Such a intimacy is the most
rewarding and often the most demanding of human
The giving of ourselves to others, sharing thoughts,
feelings, experiences, and sexual pleasures touches the
essence of what it means to be human.
Like physical well-being,  psychological health is
important too. Psychological health refers to both
emotional and mental states, our feelings and
thoughts. For a good mental health, we have to be
involved in a good relationship which has a lot of care ,
love and respect.
Find out whether the relation that you are sharing
today, matches with our characteristics:
1. Trust: Partners are able to confide each other
openly, knowing their confidences will be respected.
2. Togetherness: In a healthy relationship, two people
create a sense of intimacy and autonomy. They
enjoy each others company but also pursue solitary
3. Expressiveness: Partners in healthy relationships
say what they feel, need and desire.
4. Staying Power: Couples in committed relationships
keep their bond strong through tough times by
proving that they will be there for each other.
5. Security: Because a good relationship is strong
enough to absorb conflict and anger, partners know
they can express their feelings honestly. They also
are ready to take risk vulnerability for the sake of
becoming closer.
6. Laughter: Humor keeps things in perspective, always
crucial in any sort of ongoing relationship.
7. Support: Partners in good relationship always offer
each other encouragement, comfort and acceptance.
8. Physical affection: Sexual desire may fluctuate or
diminish over years, but partners in loving, long
term relationship usually retain some physical
9. Personal growth: In the best relationships partners
are committed to bringing out the best in each other
and have the others best interests at heart.
0. Respect: Caring partners are bound to each others
boundaries, need for personal space,and
vulnerabilities. They do not take each other
or relationship for granted.


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