Bruce Jenner I’ll Do My Own Show … If My Ex-Wife Is Out of the Picture


Bruce Jenner and his boys could be battling the
Kardashians for TV ratings — multiple production
companies are interested in inking a deal with Bruce
and his clan to do their own show. Sources close to
the situation tell us most of the offers involve shooting,
ironically, Kardashian-style — following Bruce and his 3
sons while they race cars, travel, and just generally bro
out. Think “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” … with a
bit more testosterone. No deal’s been signed yet. As
we’ve previously reported, Bruce has soured on
shooting reality TV. However, we’re told he’d be game
for a new opportunity — where Kris Jenner is NOT the
executive producer … like she is on ‘KUWTK.’ Bruce is
still under contract on that show, so if a Jenner project
takes off … he’d probably have to fight to get out of
his E! contract. Then again … Kris already let him out
of one contract.


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