See Five Texting Mistakes Guys Make When Chatting With A Girl


Most times some guys feel or have the mentality that
all what a lady wants from a guy is MONEY
Let’s cut off this thread fellas cause there are some
genuine ladies among the numerous ones who are really
caring and loving.
Here are some mistakes guys make when chatting/
texting a girl.
1) Confessing Your Feelings Over Text
As a guy, when you have this bottled-up feelings, you
want to blurt them out.
You feel only if she knew how much,you like her. She
will want to be our girlfriend. WRONG..the moment you
blurt your feeling to a girl through text.
You are revealing you hand, and leaving her nothing to
work for.
Remember, the less she has to work for you, the more
bored she becomes.
2) Being Too Available
There are few reasons these will kill her attraction
towards you. Firstly, it eliminates your mystery, secondly
it doesn’t give her time to miss you and anticipate
hearing from you.
She places less value on guys that are easy to catch
Which means if you are always around, she begins to
value you less.
3) Texting Your Way To The Friendzone
Here is where guys blow it, they think the more they
text back and fort with a girl, the more she likes
them,well, they are sort of right, she likes them,,.as a
friend tho. And we all know friendzoning is real.
4) Giving Up Too Soon
Every girl has a lock and getting her turned is just a
matter of finding the
right key.
Most guys give up immediately she plays hard to get.
Happy 2015 Great Fams


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