Love and Relationships 5 qualities men look for in a woman


If you are a lady and you’ve been racking your brain
trying to know what men really think about you or what
they really like, this article is for you.
Men and women spend most of their lives trying to
decipher the inner workings of the opposite sex.
Stop playing the guessing game and read on to
discover what men are really looking for in a woman.
1. Men want an independent woman: Sure, it’s great to
be needed. Guys don’t mind being your shoulder to
cry on or the lifters of all things heavy, but they
also want a woman who can take care of herself.
Men want a woman with her own life, her own
friends and her own aspirations. A woman who can
handle herself, both emotionally and financially, is a
huge turn on. He wants to be your boyfriend, not
your babysitter. He wants to know that you had
your own life before he arrived, and you would still
have that life if he were gone. Making your whole
world revolve around him isn’t flattering, it’s freaky.
2. Men want a woman with a brain: You know that
dumb blonde routine that you think guys find so
sexy? Yeah, that gets old real quick. A woman with
a bit of intelligence can keep him guessing and keep
things interesting. It’s pretty hard to spend time
with someone you can’t carry a conversation with.
3. Men want a woman who can take a joke: Every man
wants a woman he can laugh with, so you have to
have a good sense of humour. He wants a woman
who will laugh at his jokes and can make him
laugh. And let’s face it ladies, every now and then
you’re going to be the butt of his jokes (and
probably in a public place). When this happens,
laugh. Better yet — fire one right back at him. Don’t
take yourself too seriously — it’s not becoming.
4. Men want a woman they think is hot: No matter
how much women try to say looks don’t matter,
physical attraction is a big part of any relationship.
That doesn’t mean all men are looking for pin-thin
model types with huge boobs. All men have a type,
be it short, tall, big-bootied or flat-chested. The key
is to find a guy who’s hot for what you have to
offer. This also doesn’t mean you have to strut
around in high heels and short skirts all the time
(but every now and then doesn’t hurt). Just take a
little pride in your appearance – he likes to show
you off.
5. Men want a woman who wants them: Please, if you
take one piece of advice from this article, take note
of this: Playing hard to get is lame. Men don’t mind
being the aggressor in a relationship, but they also
don’t want to feel like they’re running in circles. He
will never understand why ladies feel the need to
ignore calls and turn down dates from guys they’re
interested in. It doesn’t make him more interested, it
makes him move on. If you’re interested, let him
know. Not only is that appreciated, but it’s really
hot. Who doesn’t want to be wanted? Oh, and be
obvious, guys aren’t good at taking hints.


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