SEE How Popular Nigerian Cleric Dumped Jonathan, Says Only Buhari Can Save Nigeria


As the 2015 General elections are coming closer and
allegiances are still shifting a popular Nigerian cleric
known as Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has publicly dumped
Goodluck Jonathan for Buhari.
During his New Year sermon, popular priest Rev. Fr.
Ejike Mbaka dumped Goodluck Jonathan and threw his
support behind Muhammad Buhari.
The sermon titled ”From Good luck to Bad luck” was
given at the Catholic Adoration Centre in Enugu.
Fr Mbaka Publicly said:
”I love President Goodluck Jonathan and I used to be
his ardent fan, but I want good for my people and that’s
why I want Nigerians to vote out Goodluck Jonathan
and vote General Muhammadu Buhari.
“I don’t care if Buhari is a Muslim and from the North;
all I care about is that Buhari can save Nigeria”
Nigerians who are you shifting allegiance to?


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