Bill Cosby Two Accusers Join Defamation Lawsuit


Two women who have previously accused Bill Cosby of
sexual assault have joined a third in suing the
comedian for defamation … claiming his alleged lies
have ruined their reputations. As TMZ first reported,
Tamara Green sued Cosby claiming he was untruthful
when he denied her sexual assault allegations. Green
cannot sue for the alleged assault because the statute
of limitations ran decades ago, but her lawyer thinks
Cosby’s denials opened the door to a defamation
suit. Now Green has company … with Linda Traitz
telling CNN she and fellow accuser Therese Serignese
are joining Green’s lawsuit. Both women claim Cosby
drugged them when they were in their late teens. Traitz
has a long criminal past and was released from prison
in 2012 after serving more than three years for
trafficking Oxycodone, possession of a controlled
substance and obtaining a controlled substance by


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