10 terrible excuses for considering a breakup


Before you break up with someone, make sure you
consider your situation carefully, and avoid breaking up
for these 10 reasons.
There are a lot of circumstances where breaking up can
be a good thing for both people involved, but there are
also many terrible excuses that can lead to a breakup.
These excuses are often the result of a hasty emotional
reaction, fear of the future, or an impulsive reaction to
a temporary event.
Before you break up with someone, make sure you
consider your situation carefully, and avoid breaking up
for these 10 reasons:
1. They notice other attractive people: Your partner
needs to be committed to you, but that doesn’t
mean they’re forbidden from looking at anybody of
the opposite sex.
2. You had a fight: Fights happen in relationships.
Many times, they’re actually a good thing. Don’t let
one small fight break up an otherwise great
3. You disagree on a like or dislike: If you discover
your partner hates your favorite band, it may be
hard to hear, but it’s no reason to spark a breakup.
You’re allowed to have different interests.
4. You don’t have enough time for the relationship: If
the relationship is important enough to you, you can
make time for it.
5. Your partner doesn’t do everything you ask:
Relationships take two people — two people who
make decisions and do things independently. Don’t
break up a relationship because you can’t fully
control it.
6. You’re unhappy right now: If a relationship is
making you chronically unhappy, that’s one thing.
But if you’re only unhappy for a moment, don’t
impulsively end things because of it.
7. You don’t like a bad habit: If your partner chews
too loudly, it might be annoying, but it’s not a good
reason to break up.
8. You fantasize about being single: When you’re
single, you’ll probably fantasize about being in a
9. You don’t want to commit: Relationships don’t
necessarily demand a lifelong commitment. Take
things one day at a time.
0. You find out new things about them: Once the
initial allure of the new relationship fades, you’ll
start noticing new details about your partner.
Everybody has flaws; if you break up with someone
every time you discover some, you’re bound to be
single forever.
There are many good reasons to break up with
someone, but these do not apply. Think carefully before
you decide to end things.


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