INSTRUMENTALS SUBMISSION! Freestyle unplugged Nigeria open invitation for music producers.



Freestyle unplugged Nigeria Music talent show which launched entry for contestants via sms (Fun, name and location to shortcode 35140) on 3rd November is requesting music producers to submit beats or  instrumentals for review.
The accepted instrumentals will be recorded on by the successful top 20 contestants from the regional auditions at Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, and Benin. Like earlier stated in the first press release, the top 20 contestants will be recording their own renditions of the four instrumentals or beats that fall into genres : “Highlife, Pop, Hip-hop, and Raggae/dance Hall” .
Marks will be awarded to studio recording performance by all top 20 as continuous accessment before they proceed to the grandfinale to rep themselves before the Panel of judges and audience on the Grand finale.
Winner will be getting 5million Naira, 1st runner up 3million Naira, 2nd runner up 2million Naira all plus one year management deal, and all top 20 contestants will feature on a 1year Freestyle Unplugged City Crawl, performing in higher institutions and clubs across Nigeria.
Music producers both popular and upcoming should submit their instrumentals that fall into the previously mentioned genres: “Hiphop, Pop, Highlife, and Reggae/DanceHall” to for an opportunity to be part of the talent show.
Producers whose instrumentals are accepted will automatically make part of the Panel of judges for the regional auditions across Nigeria.
Submissions of instrumentals ends 31st January 2015.
NB: Entry for contestants ends 31st January and regional auditions kicks of first week of February 2015 and Grande finale is billed for March 29th 2015.
Visit for latest updates on the talent show.
Freestyle unplugged Nigeria is presented by RAPTUNES AFRICA , proudly supported by : AMC TV, NIGEZIE TV, WWW.PULSE.NG, MUSIC A


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