Ludacris Baby Mama Says Marriage is a Cheap Trick to Win Custody


Ludacris’ hastily arranged marriage is a cheap trick in
his attempt to gain full custody of his daughter … so
says a source close to his baby mama.We’re
told Luda’s baby mama, Tamika Fuller, thinks Luda
wants to show the judge in their custody fight that he
now has a stable, loving household … more conducive
to child-rearing than the home of single mom Tamika.
She fears a Georgia judge could actually buy what
Luda’s selling.As we reported … Luda abruptly
proposed to GF Eudoxie during the XMAS holidays and
married her the very same day. Tamika thinks it was all
just a ploy.Luda is gunning to win full custody of their
1-year-old daughter Cai. He claims he’s a better parent
and has the means to provide her with a better
life.Tamika thinks it’s a crass ploy to avoid paying
$7,000 a month in child support. The courtroom
fireworks begin later this month.


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