Miley Cyrus Burglary Victim … AGAIN


Miley Cyrus has been burglarized for the THIRD time …
and this time the thief made off with a bundle.We’re
told the singer’s Toluca Lake home was hit December
16 and the thief made off with a large amount of both
her and her brother’s personal property. One law
enforcement source says the thief got Miley’s bank
card.We’re told the thief broke into the home. We don’t
know how.But cops think they got their man. Rusty
Edward Sellner was charged with felony first-degree
residential burglary, receiving stolen property and grand
theft. He pled not guilty Wednesday.This is the third
time Miley has been hit in a little more than a year.
Last June two thieves broke into Miley’s home and got
her Maserati, jewelry and other items. They were both
arrested and convicted.And in November 2013,
someone broke into her home and stole $100K worth of
jewelry and high-end purses.


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