Beyonce Singer confirms second pregnancy?


Is Bey really pregnant or is she just pulling our legs?
After months of speculations, Beyonce » may have
just given a hint about her being pregnant with her
second child.
The singer who is currently visiting Indonesia with her
family posted a photo on her Instagram last night
showing her with a ‘baby bump’.
She had no caption for the pic but it showed her buried
under the sand at a beach while having a huge chest
and swollen belly caved on top of her body.
Fans immediately questioned if she was trying to send
across a message about being pregnant, but then
again, Queen Bey may just have been getting some fun!
Fans wrote:
melrubio33 » : Pregoo! When she’s on Vacay this long
shes definitely pregnant lol.
mahalia_nutella_91 » : @ravena_viana » she pregos
or nah @dana_stubbs »
justinemarie06 » : Yeah it definitely looks that way
@shani_lee » but with this beautiful woman you never
know, she always keeps us guessing xx.
What do you think?


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