Dating Tips 10 rules for having a fun workplace romance


While you are ready to take the plunge, make sure you
do so with caution and take note of these ground rules
for a fun workplace fling.
Office romances can be fun-filled adventure rides that
open up different avenues. But you need to add a little
bit of caution to relationships at the workplace as this
could lead to a tarnished image, awkwardness and even
job loss at times.
However, if you really like someone, we suggest you go
for it, after all there’s only one life to do it all.
And while you are ready to take the plunge, make sure
you do so with caution and take note of these ground
rules for a fun workplace fling.
1. Keep it professional: When at work don’t spend
time with your partner. Do what you’re there for.
Never compromise your work time for quality time
with the other person. This could make people
suspicious and resentful towards you. It’s best to
avoid all kinds of extra attention at this point.
2. Leave personal chats for post work dates: The one
important ground rule is to keep your relationship
limited to professional talks at work. You could
make exceptions when on lunch breaks or group
outings but when in the office keep it work-related
only. Limit the other talks to post work hours.
3. Do not use official communication: Ditch the
company communication system at work when
talking to your man. Work emails and computers
are easily accessible by all and can create quite an
embarrassing situation when out in the open. Rather
use SMSs and keep it short and simple but
4. Don’t just take off: Little breaks during office hours
with that special someone or secluded lunch dates
can be questionable. So it’s best to avoid going out
alone with your partner especially on office
premises. It’ll only take a spark to light the fire of
5. Avoid dating your subordinates: Think again if you
are planning on dating your subordinate. A senior or
junior member of your own team is more likely to
make you a subject to sexual harassment claims. If
you are dating a co-worker from another team then
things are more relaxed.
6. Declare the relationship if it’s serious: If you are in
a serious relationship and are planning to take
things forward you might not want to play hide and
seek. Plus most people won’t mind the relationship
at all and will be happy for you both so don’t keep
it under wraps if it doesn’t need to be.
7. Elevator adventures: Steamy sexual adventures in
the elevator are things that most people dream of
and you are one of the few who can actually
practice them so make the most of it and use your
alone time in the elevators rightly. P.S: Be extra
careful with the security cameras that could be
8. Don’t indulge in PDA: Public Display of Affection can
be a trigger of resentment especially in an office
romance so make sure you set your boundaries
straight and don’t irk your colleagues. The hugging,
holding hands and even light nudges can wait till
after work.
9. Career comes first: Whatever the scene may be,
your career always comes first so don’t neglect it
for your temporary relationship. Don’t let your
equation with your co-worker come in the way of
your work especially if it involves bailing your
partner out of a sticky situation.
0. Have a breakup plan: If you are not that into each
other then it’s best to have a breakup plan. Make
sure you decide what and how you both will take it
forward after you part ways as things are bound to
get awkward. It’s best to maintain a basic
friendship that will make it easy to face each other.


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