Iggy Azalea Judge Shuts Down Ex-BF Stop Selling Her Crappy Songs


Iggy Azalea’s ex-boyfriend/producer jacked a bunch of
songs from her that are the exact opposite of fancy —
in fact, they’re unfinished crap according to Iggy … and
a judge just agreed with her. Iggy sued Hefe Wine …
accusing him of stealing music off her laptop, and then
packaging the tracks as a mixtape called, “Inizio” …
which he released on the Internet last year. Iggy argued
the quality of the recordings was so “inferior,” it’s
obvious she didn’t intend for them to go public.
According to legal docs … a federal judge in L.A.
agreed on Monday, and issued a preliminary injunction
to block Hefe from selling the recordings, and using
Iggy’s name to promote them. The judge actually
watched “Inizio” music videos and compared them to I-
G-G-Y’s hits before making her ruling. The case isn’t
over yet — but the judge heard enough evidence to
justify shutting down Hefe’s operation while the whole
matter gets sorted out.


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