10 dangers of recreational kissing


Before you go ahead and kiss your partner, pause
briefly and consider these 10 tips on why recreational
lip locking is not such a good idea.
Think first before locking those lips. It all starts with a
kiss. If you are a born again Christian and in a
relationship, then you know romance is a very dicey
matter to dabble in.
Here are 10 reasons you should open this door
1. It commonly takes place in “private”, not in “public”…
which can be a hazardous trap for young Christian
singles. Don’t put yourself in bad positions that will
be difficult to get out of.
2. Kissing is still a part of yourself that you’re giving
away to someone, so make sure this person has
been checked thoroughly and they are truly the right
person. Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom before going
down that road with anyone.
3. It releases sexual and emotional triggers that can
overpower your logic.
4. You may think you’re falling in love with someone
just because you both have great kissing chemistry.
5. Kissing can slow build like a fire and cause you to
do things you wouldn’t normally do. It’s easy to
turn on, but hard to turn off.
6. Casual kissing can be the source of heavy sexual
thinking. It’s hard enough maintaining a purity walk.
You don’t need thought pollution working against
you also.
7. Kissing can intertwine your heart with someone
prematurely. It’s much better to wait on God’s
timing in order to avoid severe heartbreak and
8. It can lead to inappropriate touching and premarital
sex. People don’t normally just jump into having
sex, it usually starts with a kiss. If purity is your
goal, be cautious and think before locking those
9. You could develop an addiction. It sounds funny,
but it’s a scientific fact that kissing can become like
a drug because it releases dopamine and endorphins
to your brain giving feelings of pleasure and
0. The relationship can develop faster than God intends
for it too. This becomes a problem because a
couple can become emotionally attached before
working out spiritual compatibility. Guard your heart
and follow the Holy Spirit to preserve your intimacy
for God’s timing and with the one God has for you!


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