Toke Makinwa OAP named most stylish celebrity of 2014


Fashion Police Nigeria compliments popular OAP on her
style, names her as one of the most stylish Nigerian
celebrities of 2014.
OAP and popular host Toke Makinwa is known to love
to dress up and look good. She is that one celebrity
that people are interested in knowing what she is
wearing and who she is wearing.
Toke Makinwa is the first celebrity to make the April by
Kunbi brand popular by constantly wearing fabulous
outfits designed by the fashion house.
Toke shared a post on her Instagram page by Fashion
Police Nigeria as they named her one of the most
stylish Nigerian celebrities of 2014.
Read the full article about Toke’s style here:
“Good morning Everyone, its a beautiful Wednesday
morning, we are here to present to you guys the most
fashionable honours for the year 2014.First we have the
Top of them all, the most stylish celebrity for the year
of course they were top contenders who were
considered like Stephanie Coker and the amazing
Zainab Balogun but the winner is non other than the
vivacious and oh so stylish TOKE MAKINWA, she was
the image of fashion and style in 2014, she was quite a
vision to look at.She was on every ones lips, the lovers
and even the haters.Her looks trended for weeks, she
topped fashion lists on blogs, social media and
She was very versatile, she stayed true to her style but
yet always switched things up and successfully blew
our minds.She has a body that just fits into anything
look, outfit, dress and gown.She definitely is a style
icon, her hair and make up were always on point, we
never had cause to complain.
Sure she had a few less than wow-ish moments but
they still can’t be compared to the amount of times she
appeared looking perfect.Her Red carpet looks were
unbelievable. We are not suprised though having had
Olakunbi Oyelese of AprilByKunbi design most of her
gowns, she came in shot dresses, long gowns with
thigh high side slits, red, blue, green.
She even rocked a mini cape.Toke is a woman who
also knows how to work tge cameras both photography
and videography.She poses well for the cameras, she
gives the right views and serves face and smiles and
not to mention how she wowed viewers every single
day with one ridiculously cool outfit or look to on her
hit tv show ‘Trending’ on hiptv.
You would be amazed the amount of people who tuned
in just to see what new look Toke pulled of,, asides of
all this, she is a wife and a badass hardworking tv
personality, hosting red carpet events, interviews, she’s
vlogger.She was always on the move, she is still always
on the move, she is not just a fashion icon but she is
also an icon to all of us dreamers out there and she
definitely proves that with hardwork anything is
possible. #MostStylishCelebrityOfTheYear2014 » ”
Toke Makinwa is consistent on social media which she
uses as a tool to show off her fabulous outfits and
great taste in style. On a good day she is more likely to
get a thumbs up for her outfit. Toke always gets people
talking about her outfits and even her hair. She made
the Headies 2014 award ceremony an event to
remember as she changed her outfits a record breaking
5 times! »


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