3 stylish items to get you through the harmattan cold


With the harmattan cold biting harder by the day, we
walk you through fashion items that can help you beat
the cold and still leave you looking stylish.
Its that time of the year when temperatures dip and we
fish out any warm clothing article we can lay our hands
While some embrace the harmattan season because of
the cool temperature, others scoff at the dryness and
dust it brings with it.
Either way folks, the harmattan is here and from the
look of things, its not going anywhere anytime soon so
let’s talk harmattan fashion.
As we always say, the weather is never an excuse to
not be stylish and this is no exception. Here are 3 ways
you can incorporate warm clothing to your and still
look chic.
1. Scarves: Nothing spells sophisticated chic like a
pretty scarf stylishly thrown around the neck.
Scarves are the perfect accessory for the weather
as they provide the needed warmth while adding a
touch of colour to your outfit. The great thing about
scarves is they can also be rocked by men.
2. Blazers: Beat the cold in nice, well-cut blazers for a
trendy, effortless look.
3. Turtle neck blouses: Turtle necks are another great
stylish option to beat the cold. You can either wear
it alone i they’re long-sleeved or pair with blazers
for an even warmer and stylish self.


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