Bethenny Frankel — Puff, Puff … Pass the Skinnygirl Weed


Like smoking weed but hate packing on the extra
Funyun-induced pounds? Then Bethenny Frankel is
about to become your salvation. Yes, the woman who
built Skinnygirl products into a multi-million dollar
empire is now branching out into weed. Our sources
confirm Frankel is working on selling a kind of pot that
does NOT give you the munchies. Frankel seemed to
be doing market research last month in the Rockies
when she was seen walking out of the famous Green
Dragon Dispensary in Aspen. It’s kinda like the Barney’s
New York of pot sales. BF later tweeted, “OMG it’s the
craziest thing to see marijuana legal in Aspen. People
walking into pot stores like it’s the @Gap
#prohibitiondone”As first reported by Us Weekly,
Frankel plans to peddle her buds in states where
recreational marijuana is legal … like Alaska, Colorado,
Oregon and Washington.


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