Usher’s Ex-Wife Tameka Congrats! My Kids Can Be In Your Wedding


Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster has a short memory …
she’s so happy for Usher and Grace Miguel she’d not
only love for her kids to be at his wedding … they can
be in it.”Nasty” is a gross understatement in
characterizing the war between Usher and Tameka over
their two boys. Yet now we’re told she’s more than fine
if their kids see him swap vows with the woman she
claims hooked up with him while their youngest was
only 3-months. Usher popped the question earlier this
week to his manager/girlfriend and Tameka wishes
them nothing but the best. Tameka must be over
getting booted by Usher from his $3M Georgia mansion
in 2012 … and forgot claiming he cheated on her with
one of her bridesmaids from their wedding.Even if
they’re just empty words … sounds like she’s taking
little groomsmen steps in the right direction.She
shouldn’t hold her breath for an invite.


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