Jangola.com brings uncommon sculptural ladies’ shoes to Nigeria



The raved Mojito heels by Julian Hakes makes an
entrance into the Nigerian style scene through online
retail store; Jangola.com
The Mojito heels by Julian Hakes » is not the usual
ladies’ heels. Sculpted different, the shoes appear like a
twist of like a lime/orange peel. The line has attracted
rave reviews over the years with only the adventurous
owning a piece or more.
Online retail Jangola.com brings this exclusive
architectural experience to Nigeria. Set to be the most
raved online shoe store, the footwear that has been
transformed over the years are now available to be
bought in Nigeria.
Once sported on Nollywood actress, Susan Peters »
the unique footwear is brought to Nigeria courtesy
online store; Jangola.com, an online fashion company
for uncommon designer ladies shoes set to redefine the
Nigerian footwear and lifestyle industry. The company
has a free shipping policy and delivers its products to
customers nationwide whilst providing superb after
sales customer support.
According to Ms. Mawedo Dagunro- Aliyu, Product
Manager, Jangola.com, ‘it may be hard to believe but
this uncommon orange peel shaped-creation is actually
a high heel shoe.’
British architect Julian Hakes used his architectural
cum engineering skills to design the uncommon ‘Mojito’
footwear, named after the lime-based vodka cocktail.
The Julian Hakes Mojito » is a tastefully sculptural
curve mixed into a blend of simple creativity combining
bright contrast leather lining that features a high heel
and peep toe to make this a very comfortable and
elegant shoe.
Unlike a traditional shoe the Mojito doesn’t have a foot
plate – but supports only the ball and heel which Mr
Hakes says is perfectly functional and makes the
wearer feel like she’s walking on air. It protects the ball
and the heel – that’s where the load is transferred when
you walk.
Shop online at http://www.jangola.com »


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