Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Couples dine with Jay Z and Beyonce in Los Angeles


The Carters go on double date with The Wests in Los
Angeles almost a year after missing out the KimYe
It was a double date night for Kim Kardashian, Kanye
West » , Jay Z and Beyonce » in Los Angeles, Friday
night, leading many to think everything is now well with
the Carters and the Wests.
The couples were seen out in L.A, where the Carters
were earleir spotted watching the L.A Clippers game.
Apparently, the night out is the first time they have all
been spotted in public together since Jay Z and his
wife surprisingly skipped his best friend’s Italian
superstar wedding » last year.
At the time of the nuptials, there were rumors that Jay,
45, and his wife’s absence from the wedding party was
because Bey did not want to be part of the media
circus surrounding Kim and Kanye. Other reports
claimed the two women simply didn’t get along.
But whatever the reason, looks like their long-standing
relationship is back on track!
Kanye and Jay Z have been close for decades but Jay
Z’s absence from his wedding reportedly shook their
Although the couples were not pictured together, they
were seen arriving and leaving the same night spot.


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