Police in Ado-Ekiti arrest 2 rams for attacking woman


Two rams were arrested and detained by police in Ado-
Ekiti after they attacked a woman and injured her in the
Just like humans, 2 rams have been arrested and
detained by policemen in Ado-Ekiti for attacking and
injuring a woman popularly called Iya Oyo .
According to a report by Leadership, 65-year-old Iya
Oyo said she was on her way to a commercial bank in
Okesa area with her son on Monday to withdraw some
money when the rams went wild and gored her,
fracturing her right thigh in the process.
The woman said she fell immediately after the attack
and became unconscious only to wake up to find
herself at the clinic where she regained consciousness.
She was rushed by sympathisers and onlookers to a
traditional orthopaedic clinic.
“ We were walking on the walkway and saw the rams in
front of us but not knowing what was on their mind.
Immediately they sighted us coming, one of them
rushed and hit me several times with its horns.
Immediately, I fell but as I was struggling to get up, the
second ram joined the first to attack me. Thank God
that some people came and saved me from untimely
death in the hands of these “mad rams ,” the woman
told Leadership.
Residents of the area also confirmed the incident and
described the rams which are owned by a manager of a
filling station in the area as “too notorious and always
ready to attack people at sight. ” The residents who
spoke to Leadership said they have complained several
times to the owner of the rams to tame them but to no


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