10 reasons why being single is not a bad thing


Before you fling yourself on the floor and start weeping
about your singlehood, pause briefly and read this.
Regardless of what you might think, being single is not
a bad thing at all.
Valentine’s Day 2015 is just a few weeks away and
while some lovers are already warming up for some
romantic dates and treats, a couple of people are not
really looking forward to that day.
Why? Because they are single! *Shudders*
Before you fling yourself on the floor and start weeping
about your singlehood, pause briefly and read this.
Regardless of what you might think, being single is not
a bad thing at all. *Dodges shoe*
Don’t think so? Check out the following reasons and
see why you should celebrate being single:
1. No compromising: As a single person, you can do
whatever it is that you love, without having to
compromise for someone else’s needs or desires.
Maybe you like fried chicken or you like to eat
cookies at night in front of the TV. You can indulge
in your guilty pleasures or just simply be yourself
without having to give up any part of your pleasure
in order to codify someone else.
2. No explaining or justifying: Aside from not having to
give up your pleasures, you also do not have to
explain or justify to anyone why you like doing
them. This is absolutely liberating. Be yourself, no
ifs or buts about it.
3. No guilt: Guilt is one thing that we can definitely do
without. But, so much of our relationships revolve
around guilt. The compromising and explaining
mentioned above are often things we do to protect
our relationship from it’s demise. We fear the loss.
Instead of embracing impermanence and
remembering what joys singlehood can bring, we
often feel bad and guilty about our “selfish” ways.
This leads to self-compromising behaviours.
4. No jealousy or insecurity: Jealousy is one of the
things that comes with a relationship package. It
can come from you or your partner. When you
celebrate your singlehood, jealousy and insecurity
about other people fall down by the wayside. The
most important person has become you. The ability
to live and let live suddenly becomes within your
reach. Bye bye jealousy!
5. Friends: Not only do partners want explanations and
compromise, but they also may be jealous of your
friends. Maybe, partners may limit the time you
have to spend with friends. In many ways friends
are more important than our partners. They are
there for us when our relationships hit the rocks.
Being single is a great time to nurture your
friendships. So, feel free to hang out with your
friends and feel not guilt about it.
6. Develop your identity: Most time, people lose
themselves in other people, in their partner or in
their relationship, till their personality and identity is
all gone. Who are you? What is special about you?
Singlehood is when you can really let yourself shine
and be who you are meant to be.
7. Have “me time”: One of the best parts of singlehood
is the freedom to do what you want, when you
want, how you want, why you want and with whom.
There is no one to answer to, explain, justify and
compromise for. This independence should be
embraced. You want a quiet evening at home or an
entire week of solitude. It is all yours. Period!
8. Pursue your dreams: Singlehood affords you the
ability to pursue your dreams. Want to travel the
world and visit fun places? Guess what? Being
single makes these types of dreams much easier.
Single people can do the things that those in
relationships cannot. Chart uncharted territory, be a
trail blazer or do something that you have never
done before. It might be easier to do these things
without seeking anyone’s permission.
9. Financial independence: Your money is all yours.
You don’t have to pay for anyone else. You make
your own money. So, spend your money the way
you want. No joint bank accounts, no one telling you
how to spend your money and no one asking you
where your money went.
0. Emotional independence: This is probably the most
liberating piece of all. Partners are not always
supportive of our emotions. They take your
emotions personally, they don’t understand them or
they don’t support what you are feeling. Singles
don’t have to explain why they feel happy, sad,
angry, tired, moody, crabby or frustrated to anyone.
Feel free to feel every emotion you have inside of
you and not have to respond to anyone else about
Yes, some of these things sound downright selfis, but
ironically, these seemingly selfish concepts might
actually benefit our relationships. We might end up
feeling better about ourselves in the long run, which in
the end is key for long term happiness.


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