Enrique Iglesias Sued for Robo de Musica Over ‘Bailando’


Enrique Iglesias is getting credit and A LOT of money
for his smash hit, “Bailando,” but according to 2
songwriters he stole it right out from under
them.Cristian Escuti and German Schulz claim they cut
a track called “Quiero Bailar Contigo” back in 2009.
They say they sent it to a Sony exec in 2012 but never
heard back. Fast forward to 2014, when Enrique
released “Bailando,” which the songwriters say is a
direct rip-off of their tune. They say Sony had partial
ownership in the song and they believe there was a
musical conspiracy to jack their song. The 2
songwriters say the chorus line, melody, lyrics and
rhythm were lifted from their song.What’s especially
galling to them … “Bailando” became Enrique’s biggest
song off his latest album, “Sex and Love” and has been
viewed 686 MILLION times on YouTube.Here’s a clip of
Enrique’s song. We asked Schulz and Escuti’s attorney
for their song, but he says his clients won’t let him
send it to us.


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