Toyin Aimakhu Actress’ husband speaks about how his marriage affects his career


Popular Yoruba actress Toyin Aimakhu and her
husband Adeniyi Johnson recently kissed and made up
after marriage problems. Her husband discusses the
pros and cons of being married to a successful actress.
Over the weekend the rumours of Nollywood actress
Toyin Aimakhu’s marriage having fallen apart
However, the couple’s statement, on Monday January
26, 2015 , suggested that after meeting with their
parents have reconciled and are back together.
Tinsel actor, Adeniyi Johnson in an interview with The
Nation » on January 24, 2015 opened up about how
being married to popular actress and wife Toyin has
affected his own acting career.
Johnson who is currently on the set of the TV series,
Tales of Eve has been acting for about seven years and
met his wife when he ventured into acting Yoruba
How being married to Toyin has influenced his career:
“After my marriage, it became challenging for me in my
career. A lot more was expected of me because
everybody knows my wife is a fantastic actress. They
expected me to match up with her standards so I had
to step up my game. Also, in a whole lot of
programmes I was doing, they (producers) started
running away from me saying, Oko Toyin Aimakhu
(Toyin Aimakhu’s husband); how will we pay him? But
now, I have been able to strike the balance. We are
moving on. It’s been smooth”.
Positive effect of being married to a popular actress:
“I have to be candid, it has been positive. It is like a
journey. You know where you are going and you
envisage that you will get there in about five years but
getting married to someone helped you arrive a couple
of years early. It has affected me positively, I must
confess. I thank God I married the woman I married”
On being intimidated by Toyins status:
“I have always been her fan, even before I got married
to her. She knows. When people talk about her and
how good she is, I kept telling them she is interpreting
her role well and that they should leave that to the
husband. I never knew I would be the husband. I never
knew I was going to marry her. I kept defending her”
“So when the opportunity came for us to become
friends, I saw the part of Toyin when she is off
camera. I have never been intimidated by her. I have
always been the one campaigning for people to vote for
her. I want her to win as much awards as possible”.
“My brother, there is no joy in meeting a woman who is
driving an SUV and then she meets you and starts
driving a very small car. It is not a thing of joy. I would
rather she goes from there to flying and then keep
soaring high. It motivates me to move too. I am her
number one fan. Even when I see some of her movies
that she is not happy with, I tell her she is the best”
During the interview, Adeniyi gave Kudos to actress
Funke Akindele who adopted him and helped him at the
beginning of his acting career, which sort of dispels
rumours that Toyin Aimakhu and Funke Akindele don’t
see eye to eye.


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