“Amber Rose” Hip-Hop model walks out of D’banj’s party


The popular Hip-Hop socialite Amber Rose became tired
of the scattered flow of the event and left the party.

Popular Hip Hop model and socialite Amber Rose
walked out of D’banj ‘s tenth year anniversary party
which took place at the Ocean View, Victoria Island,
Amber Rose and her entourage walked up and left the
event after it became obvious that the anniversary
celebration party was a shoddy affair.
D’banj’s performance of hits can be best described as
uncoordinated as the pop star kept interrupting himself
while performing to ramble.
When the DB Records star continued doing this for a
sustained period of time, Amber Rose and her crew left
the event.
Prior to her leaving, Amber Rose announced the
premiere of D’banj’s new video ‘Feeling A Nigga’ remix
featuring Akon .
Strangely, mid-way into the showing off the video,
D’banj announced that the video to cut off. He then
went on to ramble which killed the flow of the event.


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