Val Kilmer Family Believes Religion Is Killing Him


Val Kilmer’s family believes the actor is killing himself
by not dealing with a serious tumor … because of his
religious beliefs.TMZ broke the story … Val was rushed
to the hospital Monday night after he started bleeding
from the throat. Doctors at UCLA Medical Center, Santa
Monica operated immediately and found a tumor. We’re
told the surgery was invasive … they needed to enlarge
a path to facilitate breathing.Family members tell
TMZ … Val has known about the tumor since Summer.
He had trouble speaking and his neck swelled to the
point he covered it up with scarves and other clothing
items.The family members say they urged Val to seek
treatment but he would have none of it because of his
Christian Science beliefs. They say he shunned medical
treatment and anyone who persisted got cut out of his
life.Christian Science followers generally believe prayer
heals, not medical treatment.The family says Val would
never confess to pain because it was an admission that
prayer didn’t work, but when he started coughing up
blood Monday his options ran out.The family is hopeful
because Val seems somewhat more receptive to
treatment.We reached out to the Christian Science
Church … so far no word back.


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