Suge Knight Charged with Murder


Suge Knight has just been charged with murder in the
death of his friend, and sources say a videotape will be
a key piece of evidence.The L.A. County D.A. just filed
the charges in connection with the death of Terry
Carter … who was killed Thursday after Suge ran him
over in Compton. Suge ran over an adversary — Cle
“Bone” Sloan — and Carter was accidentally struck and
killed.In addition to murder, Suge was charged with
attempted premeditated murder, hit and run resulting in
death, and hit and run resulting in injury — all
felonies.As we previously reported, deputies obtained a
video of the incident. Law enforcement sources say the
video captures “a portion” of what went down, but
authorities tell us it significantly strengthens the case
against Suge.Suge’s bail was revoked Monday … the
bail commissioner decided he’s a flight risk and might
intimidate witnesses.If convicted, Suge faces life.


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