Beyonce and Jay Z We’re Movin’ to L.A.!


Beyonce and Jay Z are moving to L.A. and they’ve
already enrolled Blue Ivy in school … TMZ has learned.
We’ve learned … Beyonce and Jay Z are currently living
in a hotel in Beverly Hills and actively looking for an
estate to buy on the westside of L.A., which includes
Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills and Bel-Air. We’re told they
have already discreetly looked at a number of homes,
but so far none fit the bill. We’ve also learned the
famous couple enrolled their 3-year-old into a toddler
program at an elite private school — we know which
one but we’re not naming it. But we will tell you, the
tuition is $15,080 a year. We’re told Blue Ivy was
admitted halfway through the school year, which is
unusual. The school generally only accepts students at
the beginning of the school year. As for why they’re
moving, sources connected with the couple tell us they
want “a change in lifestyle.” You’ll re recall, Bey and Jay
spent the summer in a $200K a month rental near Bev
Hills. We do not know but assume they will keep their
New York digs.


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