Eku Edewor ‘People think I’m arrogant but I’m very open’


Appearances can be deceptive and this much is the
case with media personality, Eku Edewor as she shares
that contrary to popular misconception, she’s infact an
open and down-to-earth person.
If you ever see Studio 53 Extra’s Eku Edewor, don’t get
shy about saying hello to her because contrary to
appearances, she’s actually a very open and down-to-
earth person.
The TV presenter revealed as much in a chat with Pulse
when asked what the biggest misconception people had
about her was.
‘People think I’m very snobbish and hoity-toity but I’m
actually very open’
Eku went on to say that it even got on the nerves of
her friends sometimes as she would take the time to
chat with fans who came up to say hello to her when
out with friends.
“It actually annoys my friends because they’d be like
can’t you just say hi and move on, you don’t have to
stand and listen to their life history” she revealed with a
The budding actress » further revealed that she had
several movies in the line including a movie with
Nollywood bad boy, Jim Iyke » . So how was working
with Nollywood’s infamous bad boy, we wanted to
“It was cool. Really fun actually but I did not kiss


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