Eedris Abdulkareem Veteran rapper denies getting paid to campaign for GEJ

Former Remedies rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem has
shown he is a huge fan of GEJ when he released a
song to that effect, he however denied getting paid to
endorse him.


Controversial Nigerian rapper Eedris Abdulkareem » is
one of the Nigerian artistes who are supporting
President Goodluck Jonathan .
He spoke to Encomium Weekly in an interview on
February 3, 2015 explaining why he is in support of
The rapper recently released a song called ‘Shine Your
Eyes’ which according to him it to educate Nigerians on
the elections and also encourage listeners to vote
President Jonathan into office once again. He said ” I
want Nigerians to vote for Jonathan because he’s a
good man. I believe in his dream, that’s why I stand by
Goodluck Jonathan and i call on the youths of Nigeria
to vote for him”.
Eedris who is of the opinion that only GEJ can save
Nigeria denied allegations that he got paid to campaign
for President Jonathan saying “Do I need to collect
money before showing support for president that meant
good for this country? I didn’t collect any money, I have
not even met the president. If I am opportuned to
meet him, I have one question to ask him “why did you
say you don’t want to jail anybody, including corrupt
Pop star D’banj » also denied being paid to campaign
for Goodluck Jonathan.


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