Bruce Jenner Transgender Community Pissed “Come out Already”!


People in the transgender community are angry at
Bruce Jenner for packaging his announcement he’s
becoming a woman into a TV show, saying he’s more
interested in money than setting an example. Zoey Tur,
a leader in the L.A. transgender community, tells TMZ
Live there’s a lot of anger because they have no real
role models now and here is a world class athlete who
could literally save lives by way of example but is now
deep in the TV game, exploiting the announcement. Tur,
formerly famed CBS helicopter pilot Bob Tur who shot
the Reginald Denny beating, says, “This is a civil rights
battle. This is not about selling TV shows.” Tur says
the suicide rate for transgenders is enormous — 6 times
the national average, yet Bruce is angling to roll his
announcement out on season 10 of “Keeping Up with
the Kardashians” and then on his own docuseries. Zoey
says simply, “How much money do you need?”


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