Iyanya “I’m worried about getting the right woman to marry”

Young, rich and sexy artiste Iyanya has lots of women
who are crazy about him but he says he is worried
about finding the right woman.


Being a celebrity has its many upsides but the
downsides still exist. For example, Made Men Music
Group artiste , Iyanya » is concerned about finding the
right woman to settle down with because of his
celebrity status.
The sexy Iyanya » spoke to Punch » in an interview
on February 8, 2015 discussing about his ideal woman
and much more. “A good woman is a good woman. You
can’t just sit and say this is the kind of woman I want.
Some people think the best place to get a girl is in the
church; meanwhile, you can get the wrong girl in the
right place. Sometimes, I am worried about getting the
right woman to marry because of my status. I have had
one or two women come into my life and act like they
are something. The safest thing to do is marry
someone you have known before you became a star.”
Mr Oreo further who is alleged to have dated
celebrities Yvonne Vixen » and Yvonne Nelson »
explained that whatever woman will capture his heart
will not be a fellow celebrity.
He was asked to speak about his Ghanaian actress ex-
girlfriend » and despite the messy break up he said
nice things about her .”Yvonne Nelson is an amazing
person, but I would never ever in my life date or have
anything to do with a female star. I am not cut out for
that kind of drama.”


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