Bruce Jenner Prius May Have Caused Fatal Crash


Bruce Jenner may not be the driver who caused a
woman to die on PCH Saturday … because law
enforcement tells TMZ they now believe the Prius that
led the pack made a sudden stop, causing the Lexus to
crash into it … BEFORE Bruce hit the Lexus. As TMZ
first reported … Sheriff’s deputies were suspicious of
the story the Prius driver told. She said she was
stopped at a red light, but she was 300 feet from the
light. When cops asked her if there was a line of cars
in front of her she was vague. Deputies think she might
have been making an illegal U-turn. So the current
scenario is this … the Prius came to a sudden, possibly
illegal stop on the highway. The Lexus hit the Prius and
then Bruce slammed on his brakes, swerved right but
was unable to stop, slamming into the Lexus. The
Lexus then went into oncoming traffic and hit the
Hummer, killing the Lexus driver. It appears there is no
criminal liability on Bruce’s part. As for civil liability,
there is a law that you cannot follow too close and
need to prepare for sudden events. But if the Prius
stopped without warning … that driver could be at the
very least partly responsible for the accident. 6:00 PM
PST — Jenner released a statement about the crash
saying, “My heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to
the family and loved ones, and to all of those who
were involved or injured in this terrible accident.” Bruce
adds, “It is a devastating tragedy and I cannot pretend
to imagine what this family is going through at this
time. I am praying for them. I will continue to
cooperate in every way possible.”


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