6 sure-fire ways to make your perfume last all day


Although some perfumes have truly weak base notes
which cause them to have very little staying power, at
other times it simply boils down to usage.

We’ve all had that sorely disappointing experience
where we purchase that one fragrance with fantastic
packaging and the promise of an olfactory epiphany.
Upon use though, it turns out that said perfume has
zero staying power, quickly fizzling into thin air.
While some perfumes have truly weak base notes which
cause them to have very little staying power, at other
times it simply boils down to usage.
So just how can one make the most of a bottle of
perfume, achieving long-lasting effect? Simply follow
these easy steps.
1. Spray after bathing: When we bath, our pores open
up, and right after a shower, they’re still open. This
makes it the perfect time to spray on some perfume
as the body soaks in the fragrance. Spray a
generous amount of perfume after bath and let your
body heat soak it all in and gradually dissipate the
fragrance through the day.
2. Moisturise skin before spraying: Scientific research
proves that perfume lasts longer on oily skin –
perfume really just needs something to cling on and
this is what happens when perfume is sprayed on
oily skin. It settles on the skin and wraps the body
in a film of fragrance.
3. Spray on pulse points: Pulse points are the area of
the body where you can feel the heart rate through
blood vessels that are located close to the skin.
Moral of the story? They make great points to
douse with perfume. So next time you’re applying
perfume, ensure you apply it on the neck, behind the
ears and wrists. Additional places also include
elbow folds, behind the knees, cleavage and hair.
4. Do not apply directly to skin: In order to achieve
best results and also minimise the chance of
possible skin irritation, ensure the bottle is placed at
least 6 inches from the body before spraying it. As a
final note, spray the perfume into the air after
you’re fully clothed and step into that space so the
perfumed air settles on you.
5. Store in a cool, dry, place: The instruction on the
bottle isn’t just another inscription folks, humidity
and heat are actually bad for perfumes as they can
cause them to evaporate. So, store in a cool, dry,
6. Layer on scents: Rather than use only just the
perfume, endeavour to use perfumes alongside
deodorants and body mists. So once you get out of
the shower, use the body mist and allow that to
settle on your skin. Then use some body spray
before finally topping of with perfume.


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